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Accordingly, there are plenty of varieties of hulls around, each playing a specific role in its architecture. The hull is relatively stable in calm weather, thanks to its harder chine and flatter bow, but the ride is rather rough.
The roundness towards the bilge or waterline will reduce the wetted surface area and thus provide for greater reserve stability.
The term actually refers to any hull that has the top and bottom side meeting at an angle, instead of rounding together. This enables them to gain the advantages of a rounded bilge without sacrificing the “buildability” factor of a hard chine boat.
They can have twin identical hulls like catamarans or trimarans, or they might have a larger central hull with smaller ones to the sides. In fact, most planning boats today have some amount of V shaping or at least a deadrise in the hull. Here, the determining factor is the displacement rather than the degree of V or the deadrise. But with such aerodynamics, cathedral hulls are a double edged sword as they can get rather unstable and difficult to control on turbid water surfaces at high speeds. The only advantage of these designs is increased stability but they cost a lot to make, so expect to empty your pockets if you’re dead set on acquiring used boat hulls for sale with multihulls.

Moreover, because of the roughness associated with these hulls, they are usually not coupled with high horsepower motors. These boats have hard chinning with the angle being more steep than smooth as witnessed with round bilges. The biggest advantage of these boat hulls for sale is that they are cheaper as they can be easily constructed out of steel, aluminum as well as plywood. If you are planning on getting such hulls, then make sure that they are in perfect condition as remaking them costs a lot.
You might want to consider using moderate rockers at the bottom to increase its seaworthiness.
The V shape provides those boat hulls for sale with reduced slapping and better grip during turns.
So that makes it the perfect choice for newcomers who are contemplating buying their first boat.
The more deadrise it has, the smoother it will go, but at the cost of reduced speed and increased resistance.

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