You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. OperationIn the loaded position, the boat is automatically secured and rests on two rollers. Applications4 Boys Manfuacturing's boat loaders can be mounted on any vehicle as long as the roof is strong enough to carry the boat. Not all products are shown online, if you do not see what you are looking for, contact a Cap-it Store near you, for full product inventory. The system is easily adaptable to fit any pickup size or bed length and any Trailer up to 102 inches wide.
The unique design distributes the weight in the bed of the pickup rather than just on the rails of your truck and leaves room under your Trailer for storage. We warranty all structural parts, motors, gearboxes, and electronic components for one year. 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWe take great pride in designing and manufacturing cutting edge loading systems.
Your explanation and feedback regarding the reasons for the return are greatly appreciated.

DisclaimerNegligent use of the equipment, including but not limited to loading items for which it was not designed, will void this warranty. Loadit Industries is not liable for any damages to vehicles or recreational equipment, or for injuries resulting from negligent use of the loading system equipment. The Eide loader will mount on all Suburban model years, including 1991 and older, 1992-1999 and 2000 and newer. With the Rhino Side Boat Loader, you can now load your small boat onto your vehicle’s roof without needing to lift a tinnie over your head.
Leave No Trace Sea KayakingThese Leave No Trace principles and tipswill help to minimize your evironmentalimpact when you're sea kayaking.
Canoe Back StrokesThe Cross Back Stroke and the Reverse Jare the featured canoe paddle techniquesdemonstrated in this video clip.
Connect the shorter length of a€?Ua€™ channel to the Headache Rack, then the long a€?Ua€™ channel to the crossmember at the tail gate of the Truck. It is our policy to ship replacement parts upon receiving a phone call from you indicating the specific problem. We use the highest quality materials to insure their safety, durability and ease of operation.

We use the information to mold our products so we can best meet the future needs of our customers. The warranty also becomes void if weight or size limits, as stated in the owner's manual, are exceeded.
Click on the category name or category picture to find additional information, pictures, prices and options. Warranty of electronic control components becomes void if unit has been submerged in water whether accidental or intentional. Then, the boat tilts up and is lowered automatically by two lines unwinding off the power roller.
If you are not 100% satisfied with any of the products you purchase from us, please return them in the original packaging within 15 days of purchase for a full refund, less any transaction fee (such as Credit Card fee). The power roller turns in the opposite direction, winding up the lines, picking up the boat and pulling it forward to its automatically secured position.

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