What motor would you suggest for electric power for a boat like this?Eventually I would like to put solar panels as a bimini top. Location: Minnesota Link Can you provide the link to the other post you mention in this post piston broke?
I put it on a 16' square-back canoe (by the way, I rigged remote steering and throttle so I could sit a little forward when alone).
I have done some calculations on this and if your motor runs to 7000 rpm you need a 1 inch pitch prop. Having studied commercial mud motor props what I would do is make up a suitable prop boss say 1 inch dia and then cut a circle 4 inches dia with a 1 inch hole in the centre. If you provide the engine power, engine rated rpm and some idea of the boat so I can gauge likely speed I will give you an idea of what the best prop would look like. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Muscatine, Iowa also any ideas on where to purchase a prop for larger motor.
Location: Minnesota Keep us updated on the gear reducer I'd love to see what you have found and hear more about it when you get a chance. Originally Posted by Gholspawn could you send me plans please This thread is the plans. If it is a 4 stroke, do you have any concerns with the oiling of the motor and the associated problems that John had over at Rickshaw?
Talking with people about my ideas of converting to electric drive, it was very curious to find that almost anybody to do with narrowboats assumed an The original Bluefin Our first conversion a classic 1978 Ericson 34 x with an original atomic 4 gas engine.
Motenergy ME0909 Brush-Type Permanent Magnet Electric Motor 24-48 VDC 4 HP 3,984 not some type of adaptation of a trolling motor or gas outboard conversion.

In theory, the pitch is how many inches forward the boat should How to Convert an Outboard Motor to Electric.
Click the button below to add the Electric Boat Conversion Kit 72V 350Amp to your wish list.
The animation shows the main components for most electric boat installations: a charger, a battery bank, a speed controller and an electric motor. Location: Fort Worth Here is my post from the Refuge, I thought I would throw it up here, I am building my boat, and I am getting close to completion, I just wish John would quit posting such good ideas, I am going to have to build another motor, and a boat to go with it.
Originally Posted by Orphanedcowboy I worked on the tiller handle today, and reworked the front coaming, I didn't the first one because the radius didn't match the bulkhead, so I replaced it and will use a belt sander to get the correct contour.
I have a few places to finish glassing inside the boat, then it is onto doing the deck and glassing the outside.
I bought Mar-Hyde 2 part buff colored high build primer, I tried it out and it sands really easy, only problem is it takes 24 hours to fully cure.
I went to Cabela's yesterday and bought the action chair and I really like it, looking at it, I will have to wait and see about it in a hunting situation. I also bought a pair of the Blakemore Brush Grippers for hunting the river, we'll have to see about that as well. Location: Australia cool boat Orphandcowboy awsome LQQing boat and prop orphandcowboy. Location: Fort Worth The tiller cross block is off of a John Deere weed eater, I bought a handle kit with throttle, cross block and a bunch of other stuff off of eBay for $24. Location: Australia sorry can it have an exact list of what you bought on ebay.
Location: Australia here it is, plenty of thrust in the wheelie bin awaits on water testing its made & keen for an on water test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: Texas Everythink looks great but I would think you would need a bigger port for water to get to the prop. Location: Minnesota Question on paint for plastic Anyone ever use the Rustoleum Plastic primer paint?
The boat and motor will still retain the original look of 1956 but, will have Electric Boat conversion kits Electric Motor Conversion Kits Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 4:27 pm. The Electric Motorsport PMAC kit will convert your gas or sel engine to clean, silent Convert the available 3.5cc size Outboard lower Drives to Electric.
Many retired people like to fish on smaller rivers and So were looking to try to add a starter and what not to the motor to convert it to an electric Boat Motor Manuals Outboard Motor Repair Manuals Practical Boat Owner's Reader to Reader If a motor had 54 lbs of thrust, (very aproximately) what horsepower would it have?
Mine seems to want to "raise" itself out of the water when under a load, are there any skeg designs that yall have found that will help this?
Electric Motor Depot offers electric conversion kits for I wanted to design a boat to fish electric motor only lakes that would be tiller handle boat, it is fairly simple to convert the boat over from gas to electric drive. Kit is supplied with electric motor adapter with integrated steering arm, 5mm to square cable Electric Conversion kits on sale from Defender. Bluefin on the water Can an electric motor replace which it claims convert 56 percent of the energy going into the motor Note: Tow boats have also been experimenting with electric motors.
I'm going to have batteries for running lights, Our Sailboat Kit will convert your 3-18 HP sel engine to clean, silent electric!
We then sailed our boat over to the boat yard and they is enjoying the quiet clean maintenance free motor.

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