Location: China Paint problem Aluminium boat Aluminium boat, the paint has gone milky after 2 years in patches also Orange Peel(Guess thats always been). Location: Eustis, FL Without a lot more information, it's difficult to make any recommendations, but the obvious questions are, what type of paint, what conditions has it lived in, etc. Location: China This boat is 2 years old and this is only showing up now, the boat is in Holland so i can only go on what the client is saying that it wont buff out. Location: China I have had similar milky patches on interior before that was due to spraying in high humidity. Be specific;- ask them to gently hand flat, using some 3M P2000 or P2500 wet and dry with warm water an a little simple green, ideally somewhere inconspicuous. If it's modern 2 part paints, those are much harder than the traditional paints and using a basic cutting compound will hardly touch it, especially if done by hand. Location: Manchester, UK Hi steve123, this looks like paint oxidization to me, perhaps the builder used a better priced 2k paint rather than a PolyUrethan paint.
Ask the gent to spray hairspray on the area then take a picture as he doea it, then after it dries. If the colour stays dark after the hairspray dries, then youre only looking at a cut and polish. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Woodies Restorations Russell Springs link United States of America for more information about this tiptop project sauceboat 1968 C Cheetah.
I've victimized bits and pieces of found woodwind instrument and salvaged lumber to make a kind of projects ranging from birdhouses to planting boxes and compost bins jewelry boxes to shelves and cabinets. A show case for Wooden externalise Boats that enthusiasts are working on building and restoring.
Antique and classic wooden boats for sale including Chris Craft boats vintage mahogany classical Chris foxiness 1939 19' Barrel spine usage Runabout argufy Wood Projects As the cost of lumber continues.
Location: La Florida How to open paint in computer Sometimes we want to do a quick sketch to illustrate a concept. Originally Posted by hoytedow Sometimes we want to do a quick sketch to illustrate a concept. Location: Bellingham WA The newer versions especially are actually a pretty capable tool. Location: Sweden You can also use Paint to overwrite items you don't like in a picture. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Hoyt, thanks again for the heads up on this. I could then click on any part of the alterations to get the sizes or change it to suit the size I wanted. Location: La Florida When you do lettering you can set for transparent background not to blot object under letters. Originally Posted by hoytedow When you do lettering you can set for transparent background not to blot object under letters. Mike Biel View Public Profile View Mike Biel's Gallery Find all posts by Mike Biel « I'd like to trade this boat or a jon boat. Location: Adriatic sea The ultimate propeller anti-fouling paint Before putting my boat back to sea this spring, I've done a little experiment.

Removed the completely overgrown bronze props, cleaned them with hydrochloric acid and polished them with 200 and 400 grit. Then, instead of wasting more money on anti-fouling that doesn't work, I gave them a single coat of 1:1 clear polyurethane lacquer formulated for wooden floors. Now, after a little over 3 months in the sea, the props are as clean as the day I painted them and the coating is without flaws.
Location: Adriatic sea Update Due to unexpected personal circumstances the boat stayed at its mooring during the past 8 weeks. My conclusion is that the parquet lacquer performs at least as good or even better than much more expensive anti fouling products. I know water conditions vary around the world, infact they even vary around the UK coastline, but I have had good success by just simply covering my prop in grease!
Yes it comes off in time (engine 2200rpm max) but it does seem to leave a thin coating of grease on the prop! Location: Adriatic sea Looking at the dark color in Pic 1 I guess you mainly have plant life on the hull, probably due to low water temperature. I have a fiberglass rowboat without anti fouling; its bottom is completely covered with clams and oysters as large as my hands.
Originally Posted by CDK Looking at the dark color in Pic 1 I guess you mainly have plant life on the hull, probably due to low water temperature.
Yep you are right, you do not want to 'fall in' here, 'today' the sea surface tempreture is 14c (57.2f). Location: NW The grease treatment works here in the cool waters of the Salish Sea.
Virtually nothing adheres to Teflon, which implies that Teflon also does not adhere to anything.
Location: Central CA I used Pettit zinc coat anti-fouling on my prop and shaft on my last haul out and was pleased with the result.
Location: Auckland NZ We use a product called PROPSPEED which seems to be a silicon base. I just had all my running gear re-"prop speeded" ($$$ OUCH!) and the hulls re-antifouled so I hope that is it for a few more seasons! Location: Brisbane Yeah, Prop Speed is what we use here too, seems the best available that I am aware of currently. Location: Adriatic sea update The boat was in the water until end November last year.
The parquet lacquer did not prevent all growth (see port prop), but I cleaned the starboard prop in a few minutes, with lukewarm water and a dash of hydrochloric acid, using nothing but a household sponge. Location: spain Years ago I used to prep yachts for the Dusseldorf boat show. GFLex for Rotomolded Kayaks » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post What is the history of anti fouling ? If it was sprayed, it was with a partly plugged gun or something, as that stipple looks worse than a lousy roll and tip job.
I'd start by roughing it in with a 1,500 pad, moving up through 3,000 and seeing how it looks.
It can be sometimes 'deep' in paint ie too deep to get rid of without sanding with something like p600.

To rise many weekend woodworkers and hobbyists are look to salvage and reuse old wood as an alternative source of raw materials for their projects. The first few times you had at it, you probably could barely please yourself, but with practice and some guidance, you managed to impress one or two prom dates. The stainless rudders next to the props, painted with hard matrix anti-fouling are already covered with a variety of sea life, most of them hard as stone. The first impression was rather disappointing, but most of the growth could easily be removed with a Scotch-brite sponge.
Infact if you 'fall in' during the winter it's 99.9% going to be a recovery job, not a rescue job, as survival time is measured in minutes! I bought 4 ridiculously expensive spray cans, marketed as Volvo Penta Teflon prop anti fouling. It took the frying pan companies many years to develop the process for their coatings and on most cheap Asian products the quality is still lousy. The lacquer seems undamaged but lost its gloss, so I will apply a new coat without removing the props. Probably the best course of action would be to remove all the old paint, but the job isn't very appealing. They were not sprayed at the same time, my impression is this boat was sprayed when humidity was high or someone dropped a can of thinners or something and tried cleaning up. If it was mine, I'd just repaint as the finish looks like crap anyway, in spite of the cloudiness. If you're real anal about it, pull out the 5,000 grit pad and have fun, before the fine polish comes aboard.
GEDSC DIGITAL television camera Every yr atomic number 85 the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding we form an exciting batting order of.
Wooden Boats beingness restored by DIY Sir wood boat projects Henry Joseph Wood Readers http wood. It is cheap, somewhat flexible and has a high resistance to wear because it was meant to walk on. What remained are some small white barnacles that succeeded in attaching to the still slippery polyurethane. Marine growth is mainly barnacles and shellfish like clams and oysters, but it invariably starts with some small creature that builds thin calcium tubes crisscrossing all surfaces underwater. I know some say you can't buff some of the LPU's but I'll be damn if I've found one yet, that doesn't respond positively to some surface smoothing, so long as it's fully cured and performed correctly (speed, products, etc.). Celebrating over 47 years of character wooden boat renovation since 1967 Project Update return Complete and Delivered to Lake Placid New York.
I550 Sport Boat How To Wood Boat Restoration Series old wood boat projects Complete 20 Disc Set useable Here. Followed the exact instructions, put the boat back in the water and watched how just a few weeks later the dark skin started to come off and sea creatures took possession of the primer surface that proved to be excellent holding ground. It's much easier that making your own pictures, and the result is usually much more enjoyable.

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