There are plenty of interesting, unusual, historic and surprising stories related to Jeeps and their owners. Battery, battery cables, spark plugs, wires, gear oil, hoses, belt, and fuel pump replaced 6 years ago. This Jeep has been a Multi-time Winner in sanctioned Sand-drags, it is a great dune jeep and will run with the Best of them in the dunes.. Interior: Fitted with two new lowback bucket seats, a modern ebrake for safety, and new gauges, just get in a cruise or hit the trails. Mechanics: The heart of this rig is a GM small block 327v8, backed by a 3 speed manual with overdrive, longtube headers with side exhuast, great looking rims and tires,as well as much more.
This V8 starts right up, idles fine, and has good power and acceleration and drives straight down the road. The Jeep is street legal in Montana, and is registered and licensed as a 1948 with a clear title. The builder of this jeep (who isn’t the seller) had an unusual solution for the front driveline. Seth discovered this ex-Safari Ride jeep at the corporate headquarters of Sweetwater, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Boat Parts and Accessories Store - Find Replacement Boat Parts, Electronics, Navigation, Engines, Fishing Supplies, and more. Got this nice mushroom anchor on saleAnd bought this fishfinder off of craigslist for 20$I decided not to mount the screen permanently until I've used it a few times and find out where it works best. I decided that with the weight of the new motor I would address a problem that had been concerning me.

Looks great so far!Skip the treated plywood - it'll react with the aluminum and cause you no end of grief.
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I update this website nearly every day with jeep deals, jeep history, interesting reader projects, jeep related info, and more. People list in the wrong categories all the time, so don't be surprised to see brochures in the parts area for example. The reality of restoring a jeep can be quite different, expensive and overwhelming without the right tools and resources. Tires stick out of the front fenders , Bushwacker rear fenders with slight tire stick out, no signal lights, legal head lights and tail lights, legal emergency brake, horn, single windshield wiper and washer, no front or rear bumper. So far I like it on the rear bench as pictured.Here you can see how I mounted the transducer. This amazing vehicle is located in Albany, Oregon and we encourage everyone to come take a look at it and drive it for yourself. Custom steel bumpers both front and rear with a bad a** cage gives this willys it’s aggressive look. The seller also provides full disclosure that it shouldn’t be driven faster than 55mph. His park inspired Walt Disney to the point that Bradley became a consultant for Walt on Disneyland.

You really want it running underneath, or at least put a safety cable going straight down to the tongue of your trailer. If you have any concerns about buying a vintage jeep, or run across a scam, feel free to contact me for help, comments or concerns . At some point Bradley became connected to the Bradley and Kaye manufacturing plant, which created fiberglass carousel molds and children’s rides. There is nothing to keep the boat from going forward on your trailer if you really have to brake hard. Didn't like having an obscure outboard with no parts availability.Put new lights on the trailer and welded on some guides after fighting the current on the chippewa river the first few outings.
Most of the body panels have been riveted together, (not pop rivets!) Body has been sprayed with bed liner on the inside, rocker guard on the outside. The only part that is original Jeep is the cowl that is made up from two cowls, and the grille. You can see how I mounted it in the second picture.Ignore the sharpy registration numbers, those will be replaced with less tacky ones soon. This will probably wait til winter as I don't have much motivation to work on the boat when I can be out fishing in it.

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