But some more news came out about the USS Miami this morning, and I wanted to strike while the iron was still hot, as the old saying goes. The cross section of a Los-Angeles submarine with the allegedly damaged areas highlighted in red. This is likely Miami's control room, as photographed by the Navy during her 1994 overhaul. But two details that I managed to find, located in the Boston Herald and The Day, added more details to this story.
So that’s how it started and got strong enough to require nearly 12 hours of suppression to put it out. Taken on her way to be decommissioned, this is the USS Memphis, whose parts may go back into service aboard the Miami.
As mentioned earlier, there’s also the Hackley and Hume homes, built when Muskegon was a booming logging, sawmill and transport town. There the Frauenthal, which is one of those theaters built in that era where they had real box seats in the sides of the walls and gilded carvings surrounding the stage. There’s the LST-393 Museum, dedicated to the Landing Ship Tank Ships, workhorses of the military in WWII.
I love Muskegon, in case you haven’t realized, and still miss it, years after my husband and I had to leave for our work. After a meeting yesterday, we have some details about the Flier ceremony and the temporary exhibit which we’ll put up in time for the ceremony, and the future permanent exhibit.
If you are planning on coming to the festivities that weekend and you need a place to stay, the museum has reserved 70 rooms at the Holiday Inn downtown for Flier families. While the memorial ceremony at 11 am on Friday August 13 is open to the public, if you are attending the entire weekend, you will need to register. Between time and financial constraints, the permanent Flier exhibit will not be ready in time, we’re so sorry. For those who have been wanting to see the film about the finding of Flier’s wreck, a copy of it IS scheduled to come and debut during that day. The future exhibit will be located on the second floor of museum and is currently planned to have a place to show the Dive Detectives documentary, as well as some interactive exhibits. Sorry for the long delay, sometimes I just need about two more hours in the day, either that, or it’d be nice if my body could survive on less sleep, but I’m sure a lot of people understand that! Redfin has passed through Lombok the night of June 2, 1944, and then passed through Makassar Strait, and is getting ready to drop off her Special Mission. On 2 June, USS Silversides, on her way back home to Pearl, spotted a convoy heading northwest. Flier changed her course to intercept, but after a few hours, spotted a different convoy headed southwest. In the afternoon, their convoy dropped a number of depth charges, though they did not show any signs of having spotted Flier, so they continued their stalking. Complex map of the two submarine track and three convoy tracks over four days in June 1944.
Very soon, they could see that the convoy was made up of eight ships, and had a number of Able King Freighters available. One of the hardest things that the families of the Navy had to face in wartime was the likelihood that if their loved one lost his life aboard his vessel, or his vessel was destroyed, that they would not ever have a grave to visit and remember them by.  Only a little less difficult were those whose sons (and now daughters too) served in conflicts abroad and might be laid to rest in those lands rather than the family plot. Today, with modern embalming and refrigeration techniques, as many bodies as possible are returned to their families in the States. Providing the coordinates were accurate, this is the location of the burial at sea for Mike Harbin of USS Silversides.

USS Cobia also lost a man to enemy gunfire in 1945, Seaman Huston Ralph Clark Jr., who was buried at sea. For the land-based military, the Marines, Army and Army Air Force (during WWII, what would eventually become the US Air Force was a part of the Army.  The Air Force would be organized as an independent branch in 1947), the casualties would often be quickly buried in temporary cemeteries erected near the battlefield. 16 headstones mark the graves of a group of 100 men whose remains could not be separated into individuals. That does not mean that there have not been burials and changes in the cemetery since 1960. Any remains discovered in the Pacific theater and positively identified as belonging to an American military personnel from WWII are eligible for internment (though they are also eligible for repatriation to the states, just as if they had been found in WWII).
Many of these cemeteries became necessary starting with the Mexican-American war, the building of the Panama Canal, and the World Wars.  There are twenty-four of these world wide, all under the care of the American Battle Monuments Commission.
Starting with the Korean War, all remains of American military personnel were returned to America.
We’ll finish the story of the Robalo today, though it will play out for a few more days.
Shortly after deciding to stay on patrol for 48 more hours to see if his radio tech could fix the Sonar, Robalo sighted a convoy and chased them for several hours, but were always too far away to set up an attack.  Given Robalo’s condition, that might have been a good thing! Robalo stayed out for the remainder of her patrol, which ended up being very dangerous, but successful, and some said, overly agressive.  When she returned to Fremantle, she submitted SIX PAGES of items that needed fixing, most as a direct or indirect result of the APril 24 airplane bombing and a depth charge attack that later occured. But where did the line that seperates a superbly aggressive submarine commander who knows just how far he can push his boat and crew (before either push back) from an overly aggressive and dangerous one, fall? But the question of his possible aggressiveness would raise questions in September, when he couldn’t defend himself.
Yet a submarine is a dangerous place, especially in WWII when a submarine could be under attack and people could suffer deep cuts, broken bones or other serious injuries, and that doesn’t include diseases that  could easily sweep through such a combined space.
A submarine is NOT a sterile environment, and beside the Doc, few on board would have medical training.
Silversides, despite the fact she only had a partial charge on her batteries, dove to 150 feet deep to keep the boat at an even keel for the surgery. The Silversides Appendectomy, as photographed by XO Roy Davenport, who was standing next to the paitent's head.
Finally, the surgery was done and Platter was laid on the Wardroom’s only bunk to recover. On September 12-13, 1944, the USS Sealion, together with the Queenfish, Barb and Growler, sank the Rukuyo Maru, full of Allied POW's.
In fact, early in the 20th century, submarine duty was considered safe shore duty and submariners were paid twenty-five percent LESS than those on surface ships. Submarines, however, are so dangerous, that some people who are routinely assigned to bases and ships are left off of submarines, and the submariners must make do. The Navy also had a strong tradition of holding religious services every Sunday for those interested to attend. An example of a church service lead by a common sailor, held in the After Torpedo Room, taken in the Spring of 1945. Today, the tradition continues, though with specially trained lay ministers, meaning people who are trained to hold religious observances and services, but do not have the Master’s Degree and theological training that the military requires for its chaplains. It takes a labor of love to volunteer to go above and beyond what your title is and minister to your fellow crewmen, but these lay ministers continue to volunteer for the good of their crews. Located in Virginia, East Coast Boat Lift Parts has been manufacturing quality galvanized and aluminum boat lifts since 1989. Maintenance of boat lifts is very simple - lubricate gears, keep cradles washed down with fresh water after use, check belts for tautness.

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Again from the Asheville, taken in 2007 during a civilian dive day, the crew demonstrates fire fighting techniques.
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