Andy Giblin, partner at MP&G Wood Boatbuilding and Yacht Restoration, is heading up the effort to bring owners of these classic designs together at the show. The Buzzards Bay 25 is one of the largest daysailers of the classic boat world, a keel centerboarder known for its powerful, exciting performance on the water. A more modern tool of traditional boatbuilding will be shown by Roger Hambidge, a good hand with a shipwright’s adze, an essential tool in 19th-century New England shipyards.
Homemade tools for boatbuilding are a specialty of Harry Bryan, a New Brunswick boatbuilder, who will pass on his knowledge of metalworking and specific tools he has found most useful in his own inventive techniques. Museum admission, which can be purchased online or at the main entrance, provides access to both the WoodenBoat Show and Mystic Seaport. Three-day passes are available for purchase online until noon on June 23 on the WoodenBoat Show website. Additionally, more than 100 vendors will offer items for sale including maritime art, antiques, tools, books, nautical gear, and much more.

The participating boats will be grouped together at the north end of the Museum and on the New York Yacht Club dock.
The original class had only five vessels, four of which are still extant: Mink, Bagatelle, Whitecap, and Vitessa. On Saturday, Mystic Seaport shipwright Walter Ansel will show how to put together an apparatus for steam-bending wood, and on Sunday how to use tools essential for drawing out a boat’s plans full-sized. Tools used to drive cotton and oakum into planking seams will be demonstrated by Rob Whalen, the project leader on the recent restoration of the Charles W.
On Saturday, Brion Rieff, who also runs a Brooklin boatyard, will show how vacuum-bagging has transformed lamination, the layering of thin pieces of wood to achieve the curved shapes so crucial to boat structures. Those interested in the construction of smaller boats can stop by the Family BoatBuilding tent, where families and teams will work to build their own canoe or skiff during the weekend. Originally designed for children, the 12 ? has proved a coveted design due to its roomy cockpit, ease of handling, and capable performance.

Whitecap, now Aria, another MP&G restoration, can be viewed at the Herreshoff Marine Museum.
Also in attendance will be Rogue, the 1950s iteration of the design, built by Seth Persson, and boatbuilder Brion Rieff will bring his 2008 cold-molded version, Iolanthe. Jay, of Anacortes, Washington, served apprenticeships in Norway and the Faroe Islands to learn the building-by-eye techniques of those lands from master craftsmen. On Friday, he’ll show how specialized axes are used, and his Saturday demonstration focuses on planes, especially a two-man type favored in Scandinavian boatyards.

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