This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. From a storied builder, Larson Boats, comes the slightly retro, immediate classic 2013 All American. The Bennington 20' SLi series is a very comfortable boat that is made for a relaxing cruise on almost any lake. Some boats are sister ships and may be shown with different options, colors or configurations.
Your Boat Club’s armada consists of over 80 pontoon, fishing and runabout boats at varying sizes, each available at specific lakes during the boating season.

Your Pier Group determines the size of boats you’ll have access to and does not affect your Membership level.  Pier 3 Members can use any boat in our fleet, Pier 2 Members can use the Pier 2 or Pier 1 boats, and Pier 1 Members can only use the Pier 1 Boats. Full access to the largest, most beautiful fishing, runabout and pontoon boats and choose boats from every other Pier group.
Hopefully, you have an understanding of How it works and Why Your Boat Club makes so much sense. It will pull skiers and tubers all day long and still take you on a nice dinner cruise when finished. Peruse the boats below and imagine how much fun you will be having on the water this summer!

Croix River, Cross Lake or Gull Lake, you will want to be either a Pier 2 or Pier 3 Member.  If you plan to more frequently use smaller lakes like Prior Lake, Waconia, White Bear or Forest Lake you will want to be a Pier 1 or Pier 2 Member. We do not sell or make available any information you provide us on our website to any third party for their own use.
Croix River, get ready to enjoy time on the water in a very roomy and stable boat that is just waiting to fly across the water, even in the roughest of conditions!

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