Larry Osteen from Mayo, FL, with a fine seabass caught while bottom fishing with cut bait in 35' of water on a trip with Capt.
Chase Norwood, of Chase-N-Fish, and Luke Matthews caught and weighed-in these redfish during the Santa Fe Lady Raiders Inshore Slam.
Paul Wilson and Jason Witherspoon won first place in the third annual Taylor County Fall Trout Tournament! Jeff Evans, Cornella Silverira and Hadson Carter caught these big redfish at the tournament on Saturday! Brian Stone and Kala Hobbs from Adel, Georgia, won first place with this trout, the biggest one at the Taylor County Fall tournament! Levi Howard and friends from High Springs, FL, were so proud of these hard-earned scallops on Saturday. Roger Swanger (pictured) with Todd Rousseau, Ivan Oelrich, Eric Buffkin, Travis and Peter Swanger and David Wilson caught these big fish without even breaking a sweat!
Amanda Salazar Clonts (second from the right) and friends from Jupiter, Pensacola and Orlando, FL, show off their scallops and flounder from a relaxing day on the water. Fabulous hags Chaeli and Danielle Norwood were all smiles after getting their limit this week .

These scallopers from Gainesville, FL, took a quick moment for a photo before heading for the cleaning station. Ben, Trina, Kyndal and Luke Register from Hahira, GA, went on their first ever scalloping trip this week using a rental boat.
Little Levi Howard (right) from High Springs, FL, wanted to show off his freshly-caught trout, but had no intention of holding it! Bradley and Collin English with Cody Clark caught trout and sheepshead while participating in the Santa Fe Lady Raiders Softball Fishing Tournament. Toby Griffis from Gainesville, FL, caught this sizable trout out of Sea Hag Steinhatchee this week. After their 2nd Place Redfish Bag win in the Santa Fe Lady Raiders Softball Inshore Slam, Chase and Luke released their Redfish back into the Steinhatchee River. The Sea Hag Marina weekly newsletter includes the latest information about what's happening in Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach.
For an exciting day of Florida Flats Fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, there's no place like Steinhatchee, Florida. Do you remember when Florida was more than condos at the beach, surrounded by miles of strip malls and expressways?

Bolton and Chelsea Smith show off their cooler piled high with scallops caught aboard a Sea Hag Marina rental boat.
Thank you for all you do, and especially for helping the Chamber of Commerce in Keaton recently.
Rent a boat or shack, see the upcoming fishing tournaments and check out the pictures of all the best catches of the week.
The river arises in the Mallory Swamp just south of Mayo in Lafayette County, and flows for 28 miles (45 kilometers) out of Lafayette County, forming the boundary between Dixie County and Taylor County to the Gulf of Mexico. The season is open and the scallops are here in Steinhatchee, You can travel south of the river less than 2 miles and get your limit in just a little bit.
Remember you need a divers down flag displayed from the highest point on your vessel before anyone enters the water. Eight miles (13 kilometers) from the river's mouth is 'Steinhatchee Falls', where the river drops several feet.

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