Since the lake is 186 mile long and 25 miles wide, with over 1900 miles of incredibly amazing shoreline, your better off to decide which area you would prefer to start at. Houseboats tend to travel slowly, like sailboats, around 6-7mph so it would take quite a while to cover the whole lake. You're looking for a good reputable place to rent, than these people can and will definitely help you.
Return to the Top of Lake Powell House Boat Rentals page.Return to House Boat Rental, from the Lake Powell page. Lake Powell Marinas at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the watercraft rental services offered.
The busy season is from May – October which generally requires advance lodging, boat rentals, Jet Ski rental, and other rental reservations.
Antelope Point Marina ski boat rentals is also located in Page, Arizona as was built in 2004. The second biggest marina on Lake Powell is the Lake Powell Bullfrog marina in Utah, and is located approximately 70 miles from Hanksville, Utah.
Located about 40 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam is the Dangling Rope Marina Lake Powell, and from Hall’s Crossing and Bullfrog marinas it’s about 55 lake miles away.
Hite marina does not have many services, and is located at the very northern end of Lake Powell.
Detailed overview for Lake Powell, with custom maps, points of interest, and helpful things to know before you go.
Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals pricing for houseboat rentals in Utah and Arizona on Lake Powell. Lake Powell houseboat and powerboat rentals at Antelope Point on Lake Powell – just 12 miles from Page, Arizona. Information about Lake Powell houseboat rental, including rental companies, costs and more Offers reservations and extensive information about houseboat rentals at Lake Powell. Although my previous photograph was shot from my backyard in Greenehaven, the next time it snowed I needed to get more visual interest in my photographs. It was a race to catch the snow, the clouds and the sun in perfect balance before time got the best of me and the landscape returned to normal.
I wanted to show that some lucky houseboaters were in the magic as it happened so I composed this photo with some of the houseboats moored at the marina and a rental houseboat coming in. The light got more dramatic and I made great use of my telephoto to capture some warm glow on the mesa across the lake, but you’ll have to check back later for that post! These photographs were all taken from an observation point off Highway 89 between the North and South entrances to Wahweap Marina. Here we get a wonderful comparison in size between these massive houseboats in the marina and the surrounding canyons.

One of the most recognizable outcroppings in Lake Powell along Wahweap is Castle Rock, here it dwarfs a rental power boat cruising the bay. If you think that the hot sun of Summer will melt your houseboat rental plans on Lake Powell, consider visiting in the Spring or Fall! This house boat one of the newest added to the Lake Powell fleet with aproximately 1,984 sqaure ft of cabin space.
Enjoy our ten to eighteen passenger all purpose MasterCraft boats at Lake Powell for any type of fun boating activity. Lake Powell Rentals is the premier provider of all purpose boat rentals, guided boat tours, jet ski rental, and water sports lessons at Lake Powell.
You bet!Yes it's popular, Lake Powell may well be one of the busiest areas in houseboating. There are only a couple other towns that are within 95 miles of Page, Arizona including Big water, Utah about 6 miles away, then Kanab, Utah approximately 68 miles away. There is a small marina store, but may not have the needed necessities, so please call or ask another marina if their open before you go there. Explore the waterways in a houseboat rental or enjoy fishing camping, watercraft rentals sports of all kinds. Our Lake Powell Houseboats are available at Wahweap Marina, Antelope point marina, Halls crossing, and Bullfrog marinas Lake Lake Powell Vacations offers houseboat rentals and watercraft rentals in Page, Arizona. Experience the thrill of boating on beautiful Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon Official Lake Powell boat rentals and charter tour services. Lake Powell is arguably the most stunningly beautiful houseboat destination in IMPORTANT: Unlike other reservation companies, we DO NOT charge a reservation fee to use our service. But with such dramatic (and changing) weather, even a pull off along the entrance to Wahweap looks magical.
Sunsets still offer us the canvas of the brilliant canyon walls and will reward you with breathtaking orange explosions of color. A good friend of mine was hired once to photograph a wedding performed on top of Tower Butte. The clouds hung low in the sky, keeping temperatures cool, the colors muted, the shadows soft. Lake Powell is well known for houseboating and our service is there to make it enjoyable for the seasoned houseboater or the first time houseboat vacationer. Enjoy your house boat rental; fishing, touring, swimming, water sking, wakeboarding there is an activity for everyone. This boat has 948 sqare ft of cabin space with breathtaking amenites including fireplace, hot tub and more.
The surroundings are simply incredible, and the canyons and shoreline make for some of the best holiday vacations anywhere!.

The range goes from reasonable good value houseboats, to luxury mega boats with an impressive list of options and features to satisfy any need. Accommodations at Antelope Point marina Lake Powell include; launch ramp, boat repair and maintenance, waverunner rentals, restrooms, dry-storage, fuel dock, wet boat slip rentals, trailer and vehicle parking, and great restaurants located right on the crystal clear blue waters. There is no land access to Dangling Rope and there’s no rental houseboats, power speed boats, waverunner rental, from this marina. Rental rates and information about renting a houseboat on Lake Powell at Antelope Point Marina.
Here you'll find information Lake Powell Houseboat rentals Vacation packages at Lake Powell Utah Arizona. Call 800-269-0467 Bullfrog Marina Bullfrog Marina is a main departure point for travelers who are closer to the north end of Lake Powell than the southern end. Lake Powell jet ski rental, waverunner, sea doo, watercraft, houseboat, visitor information guide.
Services at Lake Powell with provide all you need from houseboat instruction, to towell & linens. You can find a Wal-Mart, and small airport in Page which has scheduled flights from Phoenix, Arizona, Colorado, and sometimes Las Vegas, Nevada. They do offer shuttle service to and from the marina docks making it very convenient for loading all your boating equipment. There is a ferry called the John Atlantic Burr which you can travel between these two marinas; this ferry does allow cars, trailer, or RV’s it usually takes 20 min to cross over to the other marina. Now, with our new boats, your houseboating vacation will be more Arizona is a beautiful state with amazing rock formations, rocky hills and sunny weather.
Located in Utah and a Houseboat Rentals : Imagine you and your family parked in a lake cove All this is possible and more at Powell Valley Resort.
The weather was great for some hiking and exploring up the canyon walls that would be brutally hot in the summer. Many visitors are content to spend there time hiking, exporing the canyons, and enjoying the stars on the beach at night. Always fuel up when passing by this marina, it does have ice cream and basic supplies you may need. Be prepared with all your water sport gear, or anything else you may need when vacationing at the Lake Powell Bullfrog marina power boat rentals, because there are very few accommodations.
This highway will take you into Bullfrog Marina.  Try our Lake Powell tours to view all the beautiful scenery from Bullfrog marina.

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