It’s interesting to me because I think that I camp to get with the trees and scenery.
The underused, funky old tennis court on top of a water utility building in Reynolds Park comes to mind. Madison Arm Resort RV Resort & Campground, only minutes from Yellowstone National Park, is located just off Highway 191 and Highway 20.
We offer perfect summer camping with very special facilities including, RV sites, tent campsites, and cabins among pine trees, wildlife and mountain vistas. Hebgen Lake has abundant trout fishing - whether you use a wet or dry fly, troll, tube, or bank fish, you are sure to find the fishing enjoyable. Non-motorized boats including canoes, paddleboats, and kayaks, are also available for rent. Did you know Madison’s city parks offer up a lot more than playgrounds, pools, and picnics?
Every weekend it seems there is another fair or festival happening in or around Madison, and I like to make the most of it! So we’re especially pleased to bring you this guest post from fellow Madisonian Jessica Becker (full bio below). Parks don’t bring in tax revenue, they cost a lot of public money, so what are they for, anyway?
I’m impressed by a summer program the Chicago Mayor started called Night Out in the Parks.

The upshot of having a young child who wouldn’t take a nap in her crib is that I got to walk a lot. This is a great overnight destination as you enjoy sightseeing Yellowstone National Park or it is a great fishing vacation. Our resort has marina facilities that include boat and motor rentals, canoes, kayaks, launch ramp, docking, and fuel. The Monona Terrace rooftop offers outdoor entertainment for kids and grown-ups all summer long. This summer, take advantage of the adventure awaiting just down the street, in your nearest city park.
This post was originally published on Jessica’s blog, Between Two Lakes and a Hard Place. Why are there no art installations, dj dance parties, or roller-rink pop-ups on that rooftop? I’ve never had a dog, so I didn’t realize how cool it is to walk the same route every day! Now, people can go to Brittingham Park for an iced coffee, an ice-cream cone, even a sandwich. For me, it is one of the best things that has happened in the City this year. She writes about the things that intrigue her, searches for ways to improve her neighborhood and city, and is always excited to contribute to projects of all shapes and sizes as a grant-writer, fund-raiser, project-leader, volunteer-manager, or grunt laborer.
Boat slips are equipped with convenience outlets to allow charging of your electric trolling motor battery.

Fishing, water sports, vacations, family reunions, weddings, alliant center, 2 hours from O'Hare airport. But did you know we also have more than a dozen smaller farmers’ markets, throughout the week, in neighborhoods all over town?
Check out Dane Dances every Friday in August, Lakeside Kids every Wednesday morning through the end of July, Concerts on the Rooftop throughout the summer, and enjoy the Madison cityscape over a bottle wine at the Lake Vista Cafe.
Still, somehow my longing for a no-reception zone tips the scale enough that I put in the effort a few times a year. I had no idea there were so many species of birds that pass through, and live in, the Tenney Park lagoon.
I stroll over from my office, sit under an umbrella on the new wooden patio, do a little paperwork, watch people who are paddling around in rented boats (they rent boats, too), and feel so smitten with my life.
These are a great way to support local farmers while enjoying outdoor time with your family — plus, you can skip the Saturday crowds and take all the time you need to linger over the heirloom tomatoes or fresh-baked bread. Additional information and rules about the lakes are available from the lake manager, the Alabama Fisheries Section at (334) 242-3471, or the appropriate District Fisheries Office.

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