This 31′ Contender power boat has a one piece level deck from bow to stern, twin raised live wells, walk-through transom, self-bailing cockpit, and a walk-in step down console to name a few.
We have complementary champagne, transportation and hors d’oeuvres for an exceptional experience.
Whether you're a resident or visitor to Miami, you've likely heard of the adventures that can be had in the nearby waters.
Granted, few people can actual afford to purchase a luxury yacht outright just to tour the waters off of Miami Beach or South Beach.
Call: (305) 306-8220For the finest luxury yacht rentals in Miami and Miami Beach, contact SoBe VIP. Lower deck: This is where you usually find the inner workings of the boat, such as the engine room and crew quarters. Main deck: Much of your time will be spent on the main deck, and, if you're the primary person in the group, the Master quarters can be found here.
Upper deck: When you don't feel like taking your meals and cocktails indoors during your Miami yacht rental experience, you have the option of partaking of food and beverages in the open air from the upper deck. Sun deck: When you want to work on your tan or have the best views around, go all the way to the top of your luxury yacht rental to the sun deck.
Luxury yacht tenders: Although there are different kinds of luxury yacht tenders, or smaller boats for transporting people or items between the yacht charter and shore, there will be some sort of vessel available on board or following closely behind.
Miami yacht charters eliminate the need to pay for a hotel, sample the cuisine of multiple restaurants, and pay numerous fees for activities. When you charter a luxury yacht, you ensure your experience will be unlike the typical Miami vacation to be had by the masses. You can also check out our line of Party Boats for rent in Miami.An increasingly popular means of closing a pivotal business deal or conduct a company meeting away from the distractions of the office is by way of a corporate yacht charter. Unlike your average Miami boat rental, luxury yachts are equipped with everything needed to complete the work environment. Corporate yacht charters aren't just ideal for forging new business deals with clients or other companies.
You can even use a corporate yacht charter as a means of providing extra incentive to perform at tip-top levels if you use one as a reward for the best job done in particular time frame. A Miami yacht rental provides the ideal venue for a picturesque wedding with the expansive blue sea as a backdrop free of the threat of any wedding crashers to dampen your big day. Luxury yacht rentals are increasingly popular for upscale weddings, so you can keep up with the Joneses or even show them up with a bigger and better yacht rental in Miami. A luxury yacht charter for your big day can actually be economical because it serves as both your wedding venue and honeymoon. Whether you choose to spend your time on board your Miami yacht rental being active with pilates on the upper deck or just lounge around in the warm sun, the experience is one you will never forget. Whether you want to participate on a billfish tournament off Miami or enjoy a quaint afternoon with you family, the 31′ Contender power boat will deliver. Call our customer service team on the number below to speak to one of our advisors who will help you with all of your yacht needs. While there's nothing wrong with staying close to the shore, soaking up sun from a beach towel or wading where the waves meet the sand, there are far more thrills in store when you venture away from the land. The lower deck of a luxury yacht, however, also houses the guest rooms, where some of your party will be sleeping on overnight or weekend getaways, and there is oftentimes a pool towards the ship's stern.
This is also where the Captain's quarters are located in case you need to locate him or her while off the bridge.

Oftentimes, you can also find a hot tub or jacuzzi there, and glassed-in fitness rooms are not uncommon. Although it may seem like an unnecessary extravagance to rent a yacht just for fun, it's actually a more economical option than it appears to be at first glance. Not only will you boldly go where most have never been, you will do so in the utmost style and comfort as the crew tends to your every whim or need. In a situation where making a positive impression can ultimately impact your pocketbook, it just makes sense to make a little investment up front in a venue designed to dazzle.
The communications devices are first-rate, providing the means for video calls, Powerpoint presentations, and Wi-Fi to stay connected to the rest of the world. Consider renting a luxury yacht for your company Christmas party or an employee appreciation event. Your employees will strive even harder to make sales and network with the big wigs when there's a Miami yacht vacation at stake.
Luxury yachts have plenty of spots to choose for the actual ceremony with enough room for all of your family and friends to be near.
Most boat rentals of this nature include experienced caterers with the ability to really wow your guests, but you can always arrange the services of your favorite culinary masters if you like. Although your family and friends are with you throughout the entirety of your Miami yacht rental adventure, there are plenty of nooks and crannies on board (and your personal quarters) to steal a moment or two alone with your beloved. Take the plunge, and rent a yacht in Miami to experience all of the luxury and thrill of leaving the shore firsthand.
Fast And Reliable Service Proudly Serving Miami Boat Rental Miami offers you the convenience of grabbing the keys and quickly being on the water when you return just throw us the keys and we?ll take care of the rest.
When you need to haul out and don't have a trailer, we are Get FREE truck, trailer, pickup and cargo van rental quotes.
Find Boat Trailers in Miami maps Trailer Storage (39) Boat Trailers Wholesale Manufacturers (2) Boat Trailer Rental (1) Voted Miami's Best Boat Rental by New Times.
Find Boat Trailer Rental in Miami maps with reviews, websites, phone numbers, addresses, and business profiles. At times, there is even a second stateroom on this deck for a personal assistant or bodyguard. A luxury yacht provides the full vacationing experience, and it negates most of the other expenses that come on a trip's total price tag. Since there's plenty of room to move around and lots of options to keep you occupied, renting a yacht is ideal for large groups, saving you even more money if the costs are equally spread throughout your family, friends, or colleagues with you. That's a far cry more memorable than hanging out on Miami Beach, fighting the crowds at every turn to claim a bit of sand for your own to watch the tide roll in or out!
With a luxury yacht rental for corporate dealings, you can decidedly put off an aura of smart sophistication, helping you along in upward climb on the social ladder.
There is also a wide variety of spots on a luxury yacht rental that are ideal for conference meetings both inside and in the open air. There are few means of boosting morale better than taking your valued workers on an ocean cruise in a corporate yacht charter dazzling enough to entertain each and every person on board.
The winning team or individual will surely appreciate spending a week or weekend with family on board a luxurious yacht full of water toys after all of the hard work.For couples preparing to say their “I do's,” there's so much involved in the wedding planning that it almost takes the fun out of all the preparation. The upper or sun deck is the most popular choice, although there are wide open spaces indoors if the weather suddenly becomes uncooperative or you have fears of catching cold in the night air. Your wedding on board a luxury yacht is all about what you want, so don't hesitate to discuss your vision ahead of time to ensure smooth sailing on the day of the event.

You can even take to the sea for an intimate swim or take incredible shots with an underwater camera to commemorate the event.Luxury RetreatRegardless of the reason for your luxury yacht charter, it provides you and the rest of your group a place to truly relax and renew the spirit. It's like having a floating island full of delights all to yourself, and you don't have to adhere to any schedules other than your own. Myers Boat Repair Boat Safety Classes Boat Storage (Rack) Boat Tours Boat Trailers Boat trailer depot of miami provides trailer repair at home or office. American WaterSports offers power boats, jet skis and yachts for rentals, tours and charters.
It is truly another world, and the experience can be even further heightened when you look out for whales and other imposing creatures from the deck of a luxury yacht. When you opt for a Miami yacht rental, you bypass meeting pesky boating regulations, worrying about navigation, and finding prime ocean locations. This type of upscale boat rental in Miami guarantees you will have the time of your life while on vacation. This gives you the freedom to tailor the environment to your meeting's theme or your personal mood. When it's all said and done, your employees will return to the office recharged and enthusiastic about getting back to business. If you choose a luxury yacht for the venue, however, you'll have plenty of help from the knowledgeable staff that it's almost like having a personal wedding planner. When you take to the sea for a weekend or week, you leave the worries and distractions of the world behind as you embark on a fresh adventure. Take the time to recharge your own batteries or throw a stellar event on board the exhilarating venue of a luxury yacht off the coast of South or Miami Beach. With multiple areas ideal for the cause, there can even be several meetings happening at once.
Furthermore, just imagine how memorable your wedding can be both for yourselves and your guests when you tie the knot on board a luxury yacht just off the coast of Miami or South Beach. With all of the amenities on board a luxury yacht, you won't lack for a single thing, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter.
U-Haul trucks, pickups, cargo vans Aluminum Trailers, Jet Ski Trailers, Pontoon trailers leader and innovator in the boat trailer industry. Local Get Ratings Reviews on Trailer Rentals with Boat Trailers (2) Metal Industries (2) Other Real Estate (2) Rental Agencies (2) How does your boat trailer fit on a Real X Trailer? You can even use that time away to reconnect with yourself or repair any strain on your relationship with others.The state-of-the art facilities of a Miami yacht rental also provide an array of means to pamper your body as you naturally soothe your soul. When you tour the area from a yacht rental, Florida's most beautiful oceanic assets come to life while you ride in the utmost comfort, enjoying decadent amenities and full-on treatment. Unwind with an expert massage, loosening all the kinks in your neck, back, and shoulders, or take an extended soak in a hot tub to make you feel truly alive and rejuvenated. A lot of luxury yachts feature saunas to top off the whole pampering experience, but there's always the option to detoxify your body by simply working up a sweat doing water sports in the pool or the open sea.

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