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Some of my earliest memories are of celebrating Billy Bowlegs on the water on Okaloosa Island. As I’ve gotten older, the Billy Bowlegs event has grown, and changed, and now it is the most sought-after boating event in the Destin-Ft Walton Beach area. The real story of Billy Bowlegs actually goes something a little more like this:  Billy Bowlegs was named William “Billy Bowlegs” Rogers, a real pirate whose sunken ship was discovered and excavated in 1959 in the Northeast Choctawhatchee Bay.
Once he returned, however, most of the crew had fallen ill or had been attacked by Indians and the diving operation did not go well. Over the years two crowds have emerged: the family-oriented festival goers, and the wild and crazy “ne’er do wells”.
Whether you decide to celebrate by land or by sea, there will be plenty to do during the 3-day event.
The Torchlight Parade will wind its way up Eglin Parkway at 7 pm, with dozens of floats representing local businesses and clubs, visiting krewes, and Fort Walton Beach’s very own Krewe of Bowlegs. There’ll be pirate shenanigans all day on Saturday, from 10 am to 9 pm, in the park and of course the main event on the water takes place when Capt. If you’re interested in renting a boat for Billy Bowlegs, contact us to be added to our waiting list, or add it to your to-do list for next year and come see us then! Copyright Destin Vacation Boat Rentals: Boat Rentals in Destin, Florida All rights Reserved. Real Marine Rentals offering Pontoon Boat Rentals, and Fishing Boat Rentals in Destin, and Ft Walton Beach Florida.
Real Marine Rentals now offers sunset and and evening rates to view the fireworks over the harbor. Real Marine Rentals provides center console boat rentals and pontoon boat rentals in the Destin and Ft Walton Beach Florida area.
Pontoon boat rentals are perfect for a group of friends or with the whole family for a day out on the water. We can provide fishing boats for offshore fishing and fishing boats for your bay fishing needs.
Our rental pontoon boats and fishing boats are also perfect for cruising with your family and friends. Why go through the hassle of dragging your pontoon boat or fishing boat a couple 100 miles and making launch arrangements?
We will have a pontoon boat or fishing boat in the water and loaded up with ice, bait, and all needed equipment ready to go when you are.
A lot of amateur photogs head out at noon to take great photos, but more experienced photographers say that avoiding noon sun is often a good idea. Modern cameras and cell phones have some pretty impressive features already, and almost every digital device at this point comes with a fully manual setting.
If you’re bringing an expensive camera on your trip, talk to us beforehand about the best way to make sure your camera is safe from the water and spray.

It might also be a good idea to ask your home owners insurance or travel insurance agent if they would cover equipment damage, just in case. When taking aerial photographs, many photogs head straight for the nearest plane or helicopter. Less vibration: The second biggest issue with taking photographs from flying machines is the amount of vibration that you need to compensate for. If the purpose of your parasailing trip is to capture some amazing aerial photographs, as opposed to wanting to get a few shots to document your trip, make sure to let us know when you book.
Book your next parasailing adventure online, and get ready for some amazing sights, whether you decide to capture them in pictures or just in your heart and mind! If you’ve ever come across one of these sand sculptures on the beach, chances are you’ve asked, “How did they DO that?” We had the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes and get some expert advice from local sand sculptor, Rick Mungeam.
The beaches in Destin hold clean, sugar white sand and our Emerald Coast water is spectacular; these make for a great sandcastle experience. Are there any special tools families should use when trying to build sandcastles on the beach in Destin? Many regular kitchen tools such as ice cream scoops, melon ballers, pastry spatulas, even plastic knives, forks and spoons will work. Beginners should focus less on style and more on learning how to use the tools, how to use water with the sand, how the sand preforms and responds, proper set up, as well as basic tips and techniques. If you could only give one piece of advice about building a sandcastle on the beach in Destin, what would it be? You should NEVER attempt a sandcastle on your own without a Beach Sand Sculptures Professional Sandcastle Lesson! If you’d like to learn more about building sandcastles and creating wonderful vacation memories in Destin, or would like fun-filled, hands-on instruction, Beach Sand Sculptures also offers special sandcastle building lessons. We pride ourselves on giving you and your family the best values and experiences in Jet Ski Rentals, Boat Rentals, Parasailing and Dolphin Tours in Destin, Florida. We rented a pontoon and did the dolphin tour… They went above and beyond to make our experience a great memory!! My grandmother had a house on the Santa Rosa Sound and we would go to her house on the first full weekend in June and watch the reenacted battle between the mayor and Capt. We sell out for Billy Bowlegs every year months in advance, even before the July 4th or Memorial Day weekend reservations are full, so if you’re looking for a boat to rent for Billy Bowlegs, make sure to plan ahead!
The waterskiing part didn’t last, but the chosen pirate theme took hold and became an annual tradition, and events were added over time to include a parade, treasure hunts, costume contests, and athletic events, all culminating with the arrival of Capt.
Bowlegs’ wife soon took ill as well, and died, and it is said that Billy Bowlegs lost interest in retrieving his treasure. Billy Bowlegs and his Krewe return for their ultimate standoff with Mayor Anderson and his militia at 4 pm on Saturday. Of course, the boats will have gathered long before that for a day of partying and fun. As a Destin area native, mom to 3 boys, and all-around adventure lover, I love to share my passion for my hometown with others. Before you fly up into the sky, have you given any thought to how you’ll capture your experience? Before you go up in the air, check out what’s available on the device you plan to use.

While we certainly do our best to make sure that your trip stays dry if you request that, we can’t ever guarantee total dryness. While these techniques can of course create some amazing pictures, there are several benefits to aerial photography while parasailing over shooting from a helicopter or airplane. Slower motion means that you have more time to capture the shot you want, and you have less blur to contend with overall. We lived in Virginia Beach, Va for many years and then moved here 12 years ago (and both of us were originally born and raised in upstate New York) We've been in the rental business for 24 years and have been married 25 years, very happily at that! Most of us have as children, but there are some truly talented sand castle builders out there, turning basic sand into creative works of art.
Buckets with the bottoms cut out make the best forms and a plastic straw will allow pneumatic removal of sand from detailed areas.
Instead, he sailed to the mainland and built a cabin where he spent his last days watching over the treasure. Join me as I explore the Emerald Coast and show you how to add a SPLASH of fun and a BOAT-load of adventure to your Destin vacation!
It may seem like aerial photography is exactly the same as land photography, but experts have found that there are important differences.
At noon, the sun shines straight down, and your pictures will be deprived of the play of light and shadow that makes the photograph look less flat. Again, we do everything we can to make your trip exactly what you want, but we can’t guarantee the safety of your equipment. Rick specializes in creating unique sand sculptures for weddings, marriage proposals, family beach portraits, corporate events, and other occasions. Walton to Panama City Beach, and carve sand sculptures for special events, corporate meetings, inside and outside. They were narrowly able to escape by entering a lagoon that was too shallow for the warship to enter, but were forced into hiding.
As all good pirate stories go, the treasure was never really found, but there have been reports of people finding gold and silver coins all along the Santa Rosa Island  area and the Choctawhatchee Bay. Boats start making their way to the Santa Rosa Sound early in the morning, tie up together, and spend the day drinking and partying the day away. To make sure you capture the very best pictures, here are our tips on how to take aerial photographs while parasailing. For the best pictures, experts recommend the early morning and late evening, when shadows are deepest. They hid some of their treasure ashore, the rest stored in their pirate ship, then sunk their treasure-laden ship, and Billy Bowlegs left his crew to stand guard while he took off for New Orleans to bring back his family and diving equipment to retrieve the treasure. We got to see them both in action today behind the Whale’s Tail, working on a project for Destin Shines designed to promote awareness about keeping our beautiful beaches clean.
But I would take them to the festival down by the Landing, so if you are thinking about going to Billy Bowlegs with children, my advice is to go by land rather than by sea.

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