Brunswick Boat brands are using an impressive new marketing message in conjunction with their new strategic partnership with Boatbound that demonstrates the payback for boat owners when they tap into Boatbound’s peer-to-peer boat rentals.
The partnership with Boatbound and Brunswick was announced in 2014 and this is the one of the first major consumer-facing campaigns I have seen since the partnership began.
Both Sea Ray and Boston Whaler recently sent promotional emails to subscribers explaining the value of listing a boat with Boatbound to offset the cost of ownership. With over $15 million in rental inquiries in 2014 on Boatbound, boat owners from all over the US not only offset the costs of their boat, but made money. Then, using examples of real-life boat owners who rent their boat through Boatbound were given for each brand.
The campaign promotes a very strong value proposition for boaters – particularly for potential boat owners that may be uncertain they can afford to buy a boat. For the Brunswick brands and Boatbound, the campaign promises to encourage more boat purchases AND more boat rentals – creating a Win-Win opportunity for both companies involved.
This type of co-marketing partnership is certainly a potential game-changer for the boating industry. Diane is a marketer, avid boater and author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn.

WELCOME ABOARD!Marine Marketing Tools is a collaborative site dedicated to growing your business in the boating industry. It’s quite impressive to see how they are jointly promoting the benefits of renting your boat through Boatbound to offset the purchase of a boat from one of the Brunswick boat brands. With even more demand in 2015, Boatbound owners can earn enough to offset their boat storage, maintenance and even have some left over! Showcasing photos of the boat and boat owner along with the actual daily rental rate received on the boat created a powerful testimonial for the program.
It’s a real eye-opener when boaters see other boaters like them who may own a similar boat model and size (or similar to the boat they are considering to purchase) making money from renting their boats.
It addresses the issue of affordability head-on – offering a clear path for boat buyers showing them how you can purchase a boat and be able to afford it. Here we share cost-effective marketing tools, resources, strategies and best practice ideas exclusively for boat dealers, marinas, boat builders, marine suppliers, boating product manufacturers and boating service providers.
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