2 hour and 24hr pricing includes delivery and pick up on the beach side of  New Smyrna Beach, Fl.
Enjoy the beauty of the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon with a One-Of-A-Kind Boat Assisted Stand Up Paddle Board Backwater Experience. This excursion is different than the Mosquito Lagoon tour in that it is a full day of activities for the whole family or larger groups.
We will provide you with the gear and knowledge you need to start walking on water! Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) lessons are available in a private or group setting in New Smyrna Beach, Daytona, and Orlando. Our beginner classes will teach you the techniques needed to give you confidence on the water.
All lesson pricing is based on 1.5 hours of instruction and held at one of our 3 locations.
Depending on your skill level and goals we will put you on a paddleboard that is best for you or your family. They float great for the bigger guy or gal and are the most stable boards you will find in New Smyrna Beach, Daytona, or Orlando. East Coast Paddle’s unique Eco-Tour in New Smyrna Beach starts off with a ride on a custom built boat rigged for paddleboarding. We have drop off and pick up locations via boat that negate bad wind and current direction. The tours are meant to be easy and fun not a workout, If you want a stand up paddle board workout in New Smyrna, please see our Paddle Fit class page!

This 5-6 hour adventure includes the ECP Boat, the ECP Fishing Skiff, and 7 paddle boards. If you want a private family outing or business team building event let us know and we can work with you to come up with a fun day on the water. Our instructors have a combined 100+ years experience in the surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle board water activities. Beginner lessons will be held on flat-water and advanced instruction will include the ocean.
They can be used to catch waves but are not high performance paddleboards such as the Surf SUPs. The boat allows us to explore New Smryna Beach estuaries that are not accessible by paddling from shore and allows all tours to start Up Wind and Current.
Then head into the Canaveral National Seashore Park on the ECP Boat (fully licensed and insured with the Park). If you have kids that are old enough to paddle a kayak but not old enough to properly handle a paddleboard we can provide a kayak so they can be part of the tour as well.
Once you have the basic techniques down you can progress to one of our more advanced courses. We take our experience from the 1000's of people a year we put on the water to the shaping room. Our Surf SUP shapes have gone through countless revisions to get to where they are today.

After a 30 minute boat ride we setup base on one of the many Islands in the backwaters of the Canaveral Seashore or Disappearing Island across from Ponce Inlet. With our instruction you will be stand up paddleboarding full of confidence from your very first lesson. Even if you are 250+ lbs we have a board for you!  If you are more confident in your abilities then we will put you on one of our Hybrid models. We have a lesson locations that can only be reached by boat that are protected from every wind direction. You will not find better Surf SUPs to rent on the island.Call or email to discuss your surf experience and type of surfing you like to do. You will not just be renting a stand up paddleboard but one of the best quality and performing boards on the market. All of our activites are available (Paddleboarding, Paddlefishing, Paddle Fit, ECP Paddle Boat fishing, ECP Skiff fishing, lounging on the Island, etc). Giving you the opportunity to learn about the incredible eco-system we have here in New Smyrna Beach.
For example, the girls can paddleboard the creek system while the boys utilize the ECP Skiff to fish.

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