Location: Melbourne, Australia Boat repair hey guys, I'm pretty new to the forum but we've been in the boat repair industry for years now. Location: Brisbane Repair work I do not see that repair as being particularly difficult at all.
Location: maine i wish ALL jobs were as easy as this one.i'm trying to fig how you can be a boat repair biz, but ya first thought was to buy a hull? Location: Ohio TO ALL , The man is asking for help,is there structeral damage to ribs and stringers?or other super structer,,obviously so or the deck would not need repair ,,more pics please,,this is not a simple glass job ,,,,what year is this boat? I'm pretty sure they would have given A-white something close to a walk-through on the repair of such a thing, had it been a numb-nut like me (i.e.
Location: maine if his post is true he dont need our help,,,,,thats what is trying to be said. Location: Denmark Hmm, sounds more like a parts-pusher to me, SamSam, but then again, I am no tradesman, nor a repairer. Hell, this I'd even be willing to try myself, as the crack isn't in some weird place, where mathematical skills were involved. Check for delamination, remove any and all delamination, repair or replace stingers, and add fibre glass and epoxy as per the Gougeon Brothers' bible. Perhaps that would be a stupid approach, but as an educated *******, that is the first approach I'd make.
Then, after researching, I'd ask questions after I had outlined my approach to the guys on these boards. Location: maine well heres his web page,,,,,,you allz tell me who's right??? Originally Posted by the1much well heres his web page,,,,,,you allz tell me who's right??? Btw, if you reported them, you ought to make sure you have a copy of their website saved to your harddisk. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
To the right the crew is hard at work removing the old rotten fiberglass boat transom on this 33' Formula. Above Jerry are grinder is cleaning up the inter side of the outer fiberglass boat transom skin removing the old plywood transom completely. Above Now the fiberglass boat hull transom surface is ready for the Arjay Core Bond 4001 putty to be applied.
Above the Captain is applying the Arjay Core Bond 4001 putty The Captain uses red tinted MEK to catalyze the ARJAY 4001  to insure good mixing of the MEK (Hardner).
Fix Idea #1: Turn the boat upside down and lay a welding blanket between the seat and the bottom of the boat to keep the styrofoam from igniting or melting while using the torch to heat the aluminum. Problems I foresee: I am afraid the welding blanket will not be able to shield or reflect the heat away from the styrofoam enough to keep it from igniting.
Problems: I do not own a rivet gun large enough to handle the large rivets that would be needed to put seat back in boat. Any ideas or suggestions, I am on a tight budget here and cannot afford to send it to a repair shop.
Now that the weather has warmed back up I have moved the boat outside and have begun restoration again.
Due to my lack of attention, my idea of brazing the crack in the hull is not going to work until the seat is removed.
Location: Earth Drilled the heads off the rivets this afternoon and removed the seat to get to the damaged area. Location: Earth This past week I have been stopping at different places to get prices on materials I will need. I also stopped at a local paint supplier and found Mar-Hyde single stage self etching pretreatment primer for aluminum. I inspected the trailer tongue much closer and found that there is some severe damage to it. Location: Earth So in this previous week I have taken the boat to a welding shop to have the crack fixed.
Location: alabama, USA Since you got the boat from your grandfather it may have enough sentimental value to you to justify any expense, but you need to be aware that a lot of small aluminum boats are not built out of marine grade aluminum.
The approach the local shop did on the doubler plate was probably the easiest way to repair the crack.
To answer your question, the ribs are standard straight extrusions and bent as required by the manufacture. National Safe Boating Week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of safety precautions and sensible behavior when spending time on the water, including wearing a life jacket, not boating under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and being aware of other general boating safety practices. No matter how experienced you may be as a boater, it’s worth paying attention to the handling characteristics of every boat you own or operate. Your own boat responds differently from day to day as a result of weather, current, temperature, load, and other factors.
If you’re interested in the technical factors that influence handling characteristics – things like side force, frictional wake current, and drag – a review of one of the many boat handling and seamanship publications, or the specifications supplied with your boat, will provide a wealth of useful information. Whether you’ve been operating a particular boat for three years or three minutes, it’s a good idea to try some drills related to boat handling. Later, try the same drills in rougher water, with more wind, and with more or less weight in the boat. Even if you’re within the appropriate weight limit for your vessel, that weight must be properly distributed. Trees and large branches can float down- stream after falling into the water (creating snags or deadheads), sometimes lodging in the bottom of the river.

At best you will be left with a repair bill for hull repairs, major structural damage, or a new propeller or a lower drive unit. Finally, check the weather before you go out – and not just to find out whether or not you’ll need a sweater. Yes, you may be an experienced boater, but even if you were born with tiller in hand, it’s worth taking a little extra time to make sure you’ve mastered the handling of this boat on this day under these conditions to avoid a boating accident. Your water fun depends on you, your equipment and other people who, like you, enjoy spending leisure time on, in, or near the water. It is also your obligation to have the safety equipment required by law, to keep it in good condition and on board, and know how to properly use these devices.
You learned the “Rules of the Road” before you sat behind the wheel of a car — and you should do the same before taking the helm. If your boat is important to you, contact a reputable Minnesota boat repair company that has experience in boat trailer repair, collision, structural, and storm damaged boats. The Captain prefers to use Epoxy Resin to make Osmosis Repair if the fiberglass boat can not be out of the water for a period of time to dry out the moister in the Osmosis repair area. Building a small fishing boat is a relatively easy exercise and plenty of small fishing boat plans are available free for download on the Internet.
The damage often results in delamination, so tap the area with the back of a screwdriver to see the extent of the damage to the laminate.
First off, when you locate the damage you will need to use a small saw to cut away the damage and the surrounding delaminated area (circles work best). You will need to place some sort of “backing” in the hole for supporting the layers of fiberglass as you fix them. Next, it is time to begin the lay-up of the fiberglass layers (which you prepared in step five) and the polyester resin between them.
Finally, remove the backer from the surface, fill the imperfections, and add gel-coat paste as needed.
We recently had a job come in to repair a Whittley Sea Legend 5.0 (Australian Manufacturer) the damage is pretty major and we considered purchasing a new hull for the craft, but had no luck in getting hold of one. Although if I owned Whittley I'd be reluctant to supply hull moldings to a guy looking to buy molds! If one have been in the repair business for years, he ought to know a thing or two about boat repair. Very few operations specialize, but are forced to do a variety of repairs, mechanical, electrical etc..
Captain estimated eight to twelve man hours to remove the old transom and it took 12 man hours to get it done.
ARJAY formulates its Core Bonding Compound with premium polyester resins resulting in high tensile and flexural strength. The crack lies directly under one of the two seats that has styrofoam packed in it for boat boyancy.
Yesterday and today I began removing the 4 old layers of paint which consisted of (Primer, Paint, Aluminum roof paint, and yet another coat of exterior paint). The middle seat is riveted to the bottom of the inside hull, so I guess I will be drilling out the rivets which should be a whole ton of fun? While I am at it though I am thinking of removing the front seat and the rear seat, the rear brace which is attached to the aft and refinishing the inside as well.
When the boat is sitting on the trailer the crack is sitting directly on the middle roller which is a flat roller instead of a V shaped roller. The middle seat is riveted to the bottom of the inside hull, so I guess I will be drilling out the rivets which should be a whole ton of fun… While I am at it though I am thinking of removing the front seat and the rear seat, the rear brace which is attached to the aft and refinishing the inside as well. It is crushed in on the bottom, it is twisted and has a split in one of the bottom corners. Allowed the crack to be sealed on the outside and filled on from the inside using the applied angle as a backing plate for the filler. There have been recent cases where commercialy produced aluminum boats, after being launched and re-trailered in salt water, had pitting through the hull within weeks. I don't know of replacement parts as you might think of them, but it's probable the extrusions are still available. It is no coincidence that this week takes place in the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the recreational boating season. Every boat – even boats of the same type, from the same manufacturer – handles differently. Coast Guard data show that “collision with another vessel” is the number one type of recreational boating accident; “collision with a fixed object” is second.
Coast Guard recommends that every boater – including experienced boaters –go over as a matter of routine.
Not trying to ask personal questions – but as the boat owner or operator, it’s important that you know the total weight of the equipment and persons you bring on board, and make sure that it’s within the limits listed on your boat’s capacity plate (if one is provided).
Power trim and trim tabs are useful tools – but it’s better to carefully balance weight fore an aft, port and starboard, to avoid listing or “porpoising” – both of which make handling a vessel more difficult. At worst, your boat could hit a deadhead at night and capsize, resulting in injury or death.
As a boat operator, you are the “captain of the ship.” You are legally obligated to know the federal, state and local regulations that apply to your watercraft and the waters where you go boating. You must have a complete knowledge of your boat, its handling and the boating rules of the road. This condition is caused by the fiberglass being in constant contact with water with out a proper Epoxy Primer barrier-coat to protect the fiberglass boat hull.
A few boat builders use Vinyl Ester resin that cost twice as much as General Purpose Polyester Resin.
Epoxy Resin cost twice as much as Vinyl Ester Resin the Captain's choice for Epoxy Resin Osmosis Repair is DYNAPOX manufactured by DYNAMIS EPOXY SYSTEMS.DYNAPOX is a marine laminating system that yields high strength,100% solids low viscosity system with excellent wetting and anti-sag qualities and great adhesion properties.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get out on the water for fishing or rowing why not consider building a small boat.
Your boat’s floor can root over the years and so it becomes dangerous for you and your crew to move safely around the vessel. If you fail to remove the wax, the grinding will get mixed with it and this will cause a weak bond. Polyester resin usually requires one to two percent of hardener by its cumulative amount (or volume). Never do more than four at a time, and make sure you compress them while also getting out all the bubbles; consider using a squeegee. I was just fishing for ideas on how some of you guy's would go about repairing the hull and deck, strength-wise and appearence.
Insuring a good bond for ARJAY CORE BOND 4001 Fiberglass Materials Catalog #ARJ-CB and the new boat transom board to the fiberglass boat hull. Mark is resin treating the new boat transom board with General Purpose Polyester Resin while Christine is cutting fiberglass Fabric in the background to laminate the new boat transom board. After the polyester resin cures they well remove the fasteners and fill the fastener holes with polyester resin this will great a true liquid screw. The exterior is just about done, I still have to wire brush the exterior of the hull to finish cleaning the paint off of it.
Over the years the boat has flexed and stressed enough in the area that it cracked, so I will be replacing that roller.
These can be bent to fit, but riveting them in is a bit difficult for the backyard repair person.
Practice turning, stopping, and reversing course at various speeds, and pay attention to your turning radius, stopping distance, and maneuverability when the boat has more or less momentum.
At a minimum, these drills should be conducted on an annual basis, especially if you live in an area of the country where your boat is stored during the winter. You must take into consideration everything you’ve taken on board, such as fishing gear, a cooler, water (eight pounds per gallon), food, and fuel (six pounds per gallon). Many of them also float just below the surface of the river, hidden like a mine from the unsuspecting boater and serious damage can result from hitting one of them. Take a few minutes to listen to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) marine forecast on your VHF radio, even if it’s currently bright and sunny. Simple in design most small boats use very little in the way of materials and can be built in a few weeks if not days.
Repairing, restoring and prolonging the life of fiberglass boats with WEST SYSTEMA® Brand Epoxy. Continue layering up until the repair is flush, and then finish it by cutting some mat and cloth.
If the job is such a simple one, not particularly difficult, easy, answer his question and quit the insults. It is suitable for all coring applications and is compatible with all popular core materials including balsa and PVC foam. Note how the boat transom board has that glazed look now it's ready to be laminated together.
The edges of the boat transom where it meets the boat hull get a 3" radius made with the ARJAY 4001 Bonding Putty and then the Fiberglass Fabric tabing can be done.
Sealed head pop rivets might do, though finding the right size might prove troublesome and the size is key.
Once your boat has been launched for the summer boating season, take some time to reacquaint yourself with your vessel’s handling characteristics.
You’ll be much better off making the conscious decision not to pilot your boat in 30-mile-per-hour winds than accidentally finding out you’re incapable of it. When repairing osmosis blisters Captain uses Vinyl Ester Resin to make Fiberglass Boat Repair below the water line. It is very important to assess the damage correctly so you don’t start the repair and by the time you are done you realise you forgot to renovate the foundations for the floor. Michigan Composites Tuff-stuff Marine Board is made of rigid,structural polyurethane and is available in selected densities to replace wood in boats. This material provides high strength bond between the boat transom board and the boat transom hull and will make a sound fiberglass boat transom repair.
If this is the result of the inexperienced asking the experienced, an imbecile can figure out why skilled tradesmen are becoming fewer. Tuff-Stuff Marine Board possesses qualities superior to many competitive products available to the boat building industry to day. Moisture can start to build up inside the fiberglass cover and just imagine what will come out in a few years. But it comes with a price tag $231 for a 4'x8' sheet x 2 =$462.The owner on a tight budget said build the new transom of Marine Plywood.Labor runs close on either material so marine plywood it is!
Low-ender's use Vinyl Ester Resin only in the first laminate of fiberglass fabric behind the polyester Gel Coat known as a skin coat. Check out the Fiberglass How-To Guide and Basic Fiberglass Molding Techniques to get a general idea on what you have to do.

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