Our Ribbon Star LED Strip Lights are a perfect lighting solution for any Marine Lighting Application due to their low power consumption and high light output they will give you plenty of light without draining your power source. A variety of RGB Color Changing Modules, capable of creating over 16 million different color hues. Many houseboats, yachts, and sailboats can largely benefit by switching all of their existing light bulbs and light fixtures to LED Lighting due to the energy savings alone.
We carry a large variety of LED Bulbs, including Down Lights, PAR LED Bulbs, MR16, GU10, GU5.3, E27, G4, RGB, and fluorescent replacements. LED Lighting controls are essential for your Marine LED Applications if you would like to have the ability to dim your single color LED lights or be able to have color changing control over your RGB LED lights and light fixtures. We carry a large variety of RGB LED Controllers for controlling your 12-24VDC RGB color changing LED Lights.
We have a variety of DMX Controllers for creating customizable and fully unique light scenes that are programmed using a computer. Attwood, the world's most trusted manufacturer of marine navigation lights, offers the finest LED navigation lights for boats of all sizes and types. These gorgeous lights are completely sealed to resist water intrusion, corrosion, vibration, and UV radiation - so you get a light that may well outlast your boat! The low power consumption of Attwood LED navigation lights means your batteries will drain much more slowly than with traditional lights giving you more time for night time swimming, relaxing with friends or trolling. Simply select your new navigation lights from any of the groups below - or, if you prefer, use the search box above to find an exact part number or product. Federal and International regulations require boats to carry lights between sunset and sunrise and during conditions of restricted visibility i.e.
Let's take a look at the lights a moderate size (23'-65') sailboat carries in different conditions so she will be apparent to anyone approaching.
Notice in the above illustration if you put all three lights together they would form a perfect circle.
Now that we've noted the exceptions to using an anchor light, I must give my own opinion here: Why would anyone ever want to not use an anchor light? If you are ready to find out for yourself what it's like to sail a 35-50' boat, receive meaningful sailing lessons, and get a taste of the sea then check out an excellent resource: Blue Water Sailing School. DIE-CAST ZAMAK LIGHT WITH PERMA-PLATE FINISH PROVIDES ONE-MILE LIGHT VISIBILITY FOR BOATS UP TO 39.4 FT (12 METERS). Whether using a 12VDC application or a 24VDC application we have LED Strip lights in an array of brightness’s and colors to suite all of your needs.
These modules are sold in strings of 10, 30, or 50 modules, depending on the product, and can be cut anywhere between the lead wires and re-connected to make new or retrofit existing lighting in your marine vehicle. Use a PWM Dimmer for your single color lights, and an RGB Controller or DMX Control for your RGB Lights.
Indeed, Attwood's LED navigation lights are rated for an unheard of 50,000 hours of service life and are backed by our unrivaled 10 Year Warranty.

By the way, smaller sailboats and boats propelled by oars should carry these lights also but do not have to.
We have the choice to use a tricolor light with these conditions met: Under sail only and less than 20 meters (65') in length. Here, we are anchored, or tied to a mooring ball, and must display an anchor light which is a white all around light where it can best be seen. Special designated anchorages are not common (as of this writing there are 96 in the US) but may occur where there are large numbers of vessels moored. Why take the chance a speed boat driven by someone who has had too much to drink will run into you? A commercial fishing boat while fishing will show either a red or a green all around light above an all around white light. These are the smaller, enclosed power driven vessels that ferry the harbor pilot to and from freighters and cruise ships coming in and out of port. The lights prescribed vary depending on whether the tug is pushing, towing alongside, towing behind, or in inland or international waters.
All sailing lessons lead to ASA certification and are taught by experienced instructors who are licensed by the U.S.
Ultra-low current draw and maintenance-free, NaviLED lamps use less than 10% of the power needed by incandescent lamps. High-performance and ultra durable, these surface mount 12V LED lights provide an output of 400+ lumens with exceptionally low power draw.
Industry experts and avid boaters alike have chosen Orca Green Marine s innovative, energy-efficient LED lights for their rugged construction and reliability. Powerful lighting in a small package that consumes only 15% of the energy required by a 55W H3 halogen floodlight. You're now following boat running lights in your eBay feed.You'll receive email alerts for new listings. A flashlight, ready to be illuminated, can be a substitute on these small, non-power driven craft. Moving around the vessel at night you would always see one light and rarely see two at once. Now, if we were to move around this vessel we would always see two lights from the front; either a red or a green with white over it. You will know if the anchorage you are in is so designated by reading the chart where it will be clearly marked.
You will see two masthead lights vertically aligned on the tug and often a yellow light above the stern light.
Port, starboard and stern lamps consume less than 3.2 watts combined, saving on-board batteries while providing 2nm of color-correct visibility.
Convex Borofloat glass lens offers outstanding durability and clarity when exposed to high-pressure cleaning, scraping, scrubbing and antifouling coatings.

All lights are USCG-Certified for two nautical miles and meet COLREGS 72 standard for boats up to 50 meters (165') for running lights, and sailboats up to 20 meters (65') for Anchor and TriAnchor lights. All lights are USCG-Certified for two nautical miles and meet COLREGS 72 standard for boats up to 50 meters (165') for running lights. Touch the red pad for red light (blue pad for blue light model), the white pad for white light.
The two sidelights at the bow may be combined together into one unit (but still show red and green appropriately) if the vessel is less than 20 meters (65') in length.
Very large vessels (over 50 meters) have two masthead lights; the one you see above and another identical one aft and higher. If it's not on the chart then it's not a special designated anchorage by the secretary of transportation. I am always amazed, and so are my students, when we anchor with a couple dozen other sailboats and we are one of the few boats displaying an anchor light. Multivolt circuitry assures full illumination under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages. Unaffected by vibration, resistant to current fluctuations, LED lamps provide full illumination at input voltages from 9-30V DC. Hold your finger on the pad for more than two seconds and the lamp will cycle through four dimming levels.
The one other exception to the anchor light rule is for vessels under 7 meters (23') in length provided they are not anchored in or near a channel or where other vessels normally navigate.
Completely sealed, multiple-element LED arrays have no filaments to break, withstand vibration, impact and harsh marine environments far better than incandescent lamps. Integrated DC-DC power supply maintains consistent brightness over a wide operating voltage range.
Sealed, diecast aluminum body, UV and impact resistant front housing with clear glass lens. With the engine on we turn on the masthead light to indicate we are under power but the rules state that the masthead light must be located above the sidelights. Since the masthead light on a sailboat is only part way up the mast this combination doesn't work.
Light levels are remembered by lamp circuitry even after vessel s batteries have been turned off.

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