Since it's a recreational activity, most boating is done in calm protected waters and during good weather. Safe Kids Grand Forks urges parents and caregivers to take extra measures to keep kids safe during National Safe Kids Boating Week on May 17-23.
Safe Kids Grand Forks strongly encourages parents and caregivers to look for a life jacket approved by the U.S. Children ages 14 and under should also wear life jackets not only on boats, but near open bodies of water or when participating in water sports.
This entry was posted in Boating, Family, Flotation Aid, Holidays, Life jacket, Near Shore Life Vest, Parents, Role Model, Safety, Supervision, Unintentional Injury, Water by safekids. Safe Kids Grand Forks is an injury prevention coalition who has as their mission to prevent unintentional injuries to children under the age of 10. The Texas Department of Public Safety is deploying a ferocious new boat to patrol the Rio Grande- part of a small fleet. The 34-foot long shallow “interceptor” craft will be outfitted with six machine guns mounted on its deck, according to DPS. The agency confirmed that the guns will capable of firing in a fully automatic mode, giving it an overwhelming edge on just about anything it would find along the river. The Tactical Marine Unit and the patrol vessels represent a significant enhancement of the state’s efforts in combating Mexican drug cartels and other criminal organizations that transport illegal drugs into Texas and varieties of weapons, explosives and munitions out of our state into Mexico. It is the second of three boats the agency expects to deploy on the river in the South Texas region. It is to be commissioned Thursday in Austin and named in honor of a DPS trooper David Rucker, killed in 1981 while making a traffic stop in Cameron County, which hugs the Texas-Mexico border.
Rucker died on Highway 100 between Laguna Vista and Los Fresnos, according to an appeals court file.
A cocaine trafficker named Leonel Herrera was later convicted of killing Rucker as well as a Los Fresnos police officer Enrique Carrisalez, who stopped him several minutes after he’d killed the DPS trooper. As mentioned in an earlier post, the summer boating season is ready to start and you’ll no doubt have filled your boat with marine engine oil and anticipation to hit the waters.

Memorial Day is just around the corner and many of you will be enjoying the holiday weekend on the water. According to the FWC Boating Accident Statistical Report for 2009, the leading cause of death was drowning. The Legal Examiner offers both bloggers and readers the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on all things law. You can still have fun on the water while choosing to always wear a life jacket and boating responsibly. Moderated by Captain Rick Smith, this is the place to talk about and show your boat, along with the inside scoop on anchor setups, boat maintenance, problems, fine tuning and troubleshooting. Even so, conditions can change rapidly, and a small vessel can get into life-threatening difficulties. They include a flashlight, first aid kit, paddles, whistles, anchor and rope, engine spare parts, bilge pumps, a VHF radio or mobile phone, etc. It is estimated that half of boating-related drownings could be prevented by the use of life jackets. Children under 13 are required to wear life jackets on any recreational vessel in waters under Coast Guard jurisdiction unless they are below deck or within an enclosed cabin. Designate a “Water Watcher” – a responsible adult who is in charge of watching children while they are in or near water. Know where and how CO may accumulate around your boat, and install a CO detector to alert you to dangerous levels of exhaust fumes.
Never drink alcoholic beverages while boating — a large portion of boating accidents that occur each year involve alcohol consumption by both boat operators and passengers. They will be used to impact so-called splashdowns, where drug smugglers crash their vehicles into the Rio Grande River and transport contraband back into Mexico.
Customs and Border Patrol and Texas Department of Public Safety seize 57 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 1,200 pound at the Texas border along the Rio Grande in Abram, Texas.
Alcohol impairs your judgment, balance, and coordination — over 50 percent of drownings result from boating incidents involving alcohol.

Auxiliary members will appear at South Florida boat ramps and marinas to demonstrate new, lightweight inflatable life jackets, encourage boaters to wear them and conduct free giveaways of safety equipment. From news on current legislative efforts to practical guidance on everyday legal issues, The Legal Examiner will have it covered. It's important to keep an inventory of safety gear on board every boat, which is prescribed by the U.S. Whether it’s during vacation or part of an ordinary day, boating can be fun for the entire family – as long as everyone remains safe.
Safe Kids Grand Forks urges parents and caregivers to wear life jackets on boats or other watercraft as well.  Children are much more likely to practice safe habits when they witness similar behavior by parents and caregivers. The Water Watcher should not be distracted by phone calls, text messages, reading or talking to others. Knowing how to swim does not prevent drowning, but it is an important skill for both children and adults to learn. For the same reasons it is dangerous to operate an automobile while under the influence of alcohol, people should not operate a boat while drinking alcohol. Teach children that swimming in open water is not the same as swimming in a pool – they need to be aware of uneven surfaces, river currents, ocean undertow and changing weather.
Peters said the crew followed procedure, stopping to evaluate the waves before judging it was safe to proceed.
They soon took a wave over the bow that smashed both windows on the bridge, flooding it with hundreds of gallons of water. Instead of outboard motors, they are propelled by hydraulic jets that allow the boat to operate in less than 3 feet of water.

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