When you get behind the wheel of a Sea-Doo Sport Boat you owe it to yourself to experience the awesome acceleration that only jet drive can deliver Zero to 20 MPH in just over two seconds is impressive. From our 14' Sportster LE DI model to the 22' Islandia deck boat, Sea-Doo Sport Boats handle like no other.
Sea-Doo Sport Boats also offer you and your family the peace of mind to enjoy your day on the water. This working shrimp trawler is in good condition, comes with a bait license and is currently in operation.
NEIGHBORHOODS AND COMMUNITIESHouse styles range from two bedrooms with cedar shake siding to large, two-story homes with columns in front. This delivers the fun factor whether you are looking for a fast-paced driving experience or power for skiing activities or just cruising.

A conventional propeller design displaces water in a random 'shotgun' method while jet drive pushes water using a more controlled 'rifle shot' approach. With only a 270 degree radius in the steering system, you won't find a more responsive boat on the planet. While other boaters with conventional propeller designs are forced to stay in the deep water channel, you have the added flexibility and confidence of having no lower unit with a propeller to allow you greater shallow water access. The jet drive nozzle directs water in a single uniform line behind the boat giving you a smooth, instantaneous hole shot. Sea-Doo Sport Boats have a draft only 12 inches of water so it won't put a crimp in your boating plans to visit that special place, do a little backwater exploring or head out on the water even when lake and river levels are down. 772- Inside Scandia House Liz 7Peterson Home Appliance Repair Licensed & Bonded BEACHFRONT HOMESTEAD 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,250 sq.

With less bow rise, the driver has a better view of the water ahead and can react quicker to boating situations. Overhauled 5months ago with a rebuilt 871 Detroit diesel, new prop, and a top to bottom paint job.

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