My exhaust travels from the exhaust injection elbow down into what I guess is a wet exhaust lift muffler (a fibreglass box) and then up and out the boat.
1) The exhaust hose must loop up 18" above the (heeled) waterline (to avoid water coming in from the thru-hull I assume)?
3) You need an anti-siphon in the hose that feeds the water to the exhaust injection elbow, right? Thanks - great images - I'll be following Figure 1 of the 2nd image but regarding that siphon break - my engine is right in the centre of the salon (covered up with a big seat) so I can't just go straight up high enough. The first question is were is the injector line of the exhaust in relation to the waterline????
If you do not put a valve, then, like "type H", water will continually flow out from the pressure in the system, right?

When our customers cruise with us to Bald Head Island, they experience a trip they never forget! For more than 100 years, Bosch has been a leader in quality and innovation in North America. There isn't one now, so would I just put a Y in the hose and lead it somewhere 18" above the heeled waterline and terminate it with an inverted U and a check valve? If some seawater amd pressure gets diverted to the vent from the exhaust injector in that a problem? Hundreds of electricians entered the promotion at City Electric Supply locations across the country to try to win a 17’ Carolina Skiff® Fishing Boat.Klein Tools’ new made in the USA power tool accessories include multi-bit power drivers, power nut drivers, power conduit reamers and power drivers.
Or can I just make a Y in it and lead one part over and up to a check valve (which I think would still break a siphon)?

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