Location: florida nice skiff Hey Dick, That's a really pretty boat you've built, has it seen the water yet, looks like it'll be fun.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. AUTHOR InisVitre ADD TO FRIENDS SEND A MESSAGE Boat Shop By InisVitre on Feb 01, 2009. I built a boat shop that I thought would be appropriate for building small wooden boats right next to our home.

I hired an excavating contractor to clear a spot next to the house, bring in some fill, pour the slab, and make a driveway.
I choose to use in-floor radiant heat backed up with an overhead propane garage heater, as I felt that would be most cost effective and comfortable.
For now I put up temporary shelving for storage, but as time and money permit I will build the proper cabinets and work benches.
I used a 5'x12' sheet for the bottom, a 4'x16' ripped down center for the sides, and I believe another 4'x8' sheet, as well as the angle, split pipe, and flat bar.

Ran pretty skinny with the prop, but ,my buddies say she will run if you pee off the bow with the jet. I have found most boat plans are way overkill on materials ( small boats anyway)for my taste.

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