Location: florida nice skiff Hey Dick, That's a really pretty boat you've built, has it seen the water yet, looks like it'll be fun. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The Long Island Maritime Museum is dedicated to preserving Long Island’s maritime history. They’ll rot and be consumed by the earth, or sink to the bottom never to be seen again.
The sunken boat above was designed and built 40 years ago by a local master specifically to fish for spearing.
Although not beyond repair the work needed was more than I could handle, so I declined the boat when it was offered to me. The Long Island Maritime Museum main building used to be a garage on the former Meadowedge estate of Mrs. The main building houses the permanent and rotating exhibits, research library, and ship’s store (gift shop).
The small boat in the picture above was built at the museum and is the raffle prize for this year’s Halloween boat burning.

Don’t worry, the boats burned are not historically significant and are well beyond restoration. The library holds hundreds, maybe thousands of books on navigation, maritime history, boats and boat plans. At the Long Island Maritime Museum entranceway there are a couple of old, large ship bells and a large flagpole in front of the main building. No matter how many times I’ve seen it I always check out the William Rudolph oyster house. Working by light of day, shuckers stood at this bench hours on end and were paid by the pound. This oyster house was in use for almost 50 years until the hurricane of 1938 wiped out the oyster industry.
Every detail of boat construction fascinates me and I love to see the steps required to bring a boat back from the brink. Modesty, a national historic landmark, was built in 1923 to dredge oysters and scallops in the Peconic Bay. On the east side of the Long Island Maritime Museum grounds are the small craft exhibit building and the baymen’s cottage.

I spend most of my time at the museum in this building admiring and examining these amazing wooden boats. AUTHOR InisVitre ADD TO FRIENDS SEND A MESSAGE Boat Shop By InisVitre on Feb 01, 2009. Unlike houses however, boats tend to disappear rapidly once they’ve outlived their usefulness.
I used a 5'x12' sheet for the bottom, a 4'x16' ripped down center for the sides, and I believe another 4'x8' sheet, as well as the angle, split pipe, and flat bar. Ran pretty skinny with the prop, but ,my buddies say she will run if you pee off the bow with the jet.
I have found most boat plans are way overkill on materials ( small boats anyway)for my taste.

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