I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and dedication to this boat racing sport that these men had during the years prior to WWII. This is a part of model boat racing history, when engineers, tool makers and machinist were part of the industrial complex.
The history of tether boats has been a passion of mine ever since, 20+ years ago I read an article in a Model Craftsmans 1934 Magazine. Ray SeaveyIn 1995,I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Seavey at his home outside of Philadelphia.

Upon arriving in 1920, he received a telegram that told him that the church would not be opening and he was on his left on his own. The running bridle had to withstand a 250 pound pull test before it was permitted for use in competition. Bob worked for the post office by day, but my weekend he was the official photographer for tether boat racing.
Once the boat was fired up and ready to run, it was hand launched with a person manning the center pole to hold the running line above water level until the boat was up to speed so the running line would not drag in the water.

The boat owner waited until he thought the boat was running at top speed, then he would call for time.

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