Work has moved indoors at the boat shops as the temperatures drop and the snow and ice begin to fall. From native American canoes to elaborate yachts, thousands of boats have come to life on Lake Union over the centuries.A  Today the lake is home to several ship repair yards and one of the worlda€™s leading centers for traditional boat building.
The three tools on this page were donated to the Center for Wooden Boats by the Blanchard Boat Company at the end of Lake Uniona€™s great wooden boat building era.A  Although long ago supplanted by power tools, hand tools like these are still used by wooden boat builders who prefer the sound and feel of steel against wood to the noise and dust of a machine tool shop.
Used for removing large chunks of wood from keel timbers and other parts of large vessels, this powerful tool is operated by swinging it between onea€™s legs.A  A leather cover protects a thin, arched blade.

This razor-sharp knife is used for accurately shaping rounded boat parts such as masts and spars. Measuring about three feet in length, this tool is a€?a cross between a chisel and an axe,a€? as described by Dick Wagner.
But there is not much time to relax, as our local boat builders and repairers keep it warm, and busy, inside. Thrust away from onea€™s body with both arms, it is used for quickly giving rough shape to boat timbers.

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