Well it has been along time since I decided to buy a new boat, So I figured I would start by going to the local convenience store and buy a boat trader.
Welcome to the Tiki Culture B-Lounge, where we rap about Tiki news and livin' the retro lifestyle at the Tiki Bar, enjoy an exotic cocktail or two, and celebrate the kool stuff of the last century. I've been writing since I was a kid, and just recently (in the last year) discovered the wonderful world wide web blogging thingermazam.
NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® National Prices are initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges. With all the fishing features you and your crew need to catch the big ones, the BASS BUGGY 16 DLX is ready for fun!
Families who want a fishing boat large enough for everyone to enjoy should look no further than the BASS BUGGY® 16 DLX. And despite it being large enough for seven, the BASS BUGGY 16 DLX fits its many great features into a 16' (4.88 m) overall length, ensuring ita€™s nimble and easy to handle, tow and stow.
NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® Value Prices are shown in US dollars only and initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges.
They have been made with a selection of the best materials and high quality moccasin construction to offer optimal comfort and increased durability. Designed with comfort and style in mind, these are perfect for when you're at sea or on land.
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Mein Vorname ist Maximilian, ich bin der Studierender des vierten Studienjahres der Otto-Friedrich-Universitat Bamberg. Mein Vorname ist Elias, ich bin der Student des vierten Studienjahres der Otto-Friedrich-Universitat Bamberg.
Take a wander around our offices in San Juan, you will see lots of typical stuff you would imagine would be going on in the warehouse of a surf company.

To kick-off its new rotating exhibition series, Surfing Heritage Foundation is excited to announce the opening of the exhibition The Innovations of Hobie. Teaming up with Vita-Pakt juice company in 1964 Hobie created Hobie Skateboards, the first production skateboard to be placed on the market. Other Hobie innovations have followed over the years and include important work done on gliders, sunglasses, and other accessories. The Innovations of Hobie, organized by Surfing Heritage Foundation and curated by Barry Haun, is the inaugural exhibition launching Surfing Heritage Foundation’s new rotating exhibition program. An exhibition on the history of surfboards from the early 20th century to the present day will be on view in the adjacent permanent collection galleries, placing The Innovations of Hobie exhibition into context.
The exhibition is being made possible by major support from Gordon Clark, the founder of Clark Foam.
I play Jazz tenor Sax and Clarinet, drive a retro-rod PT Cruiser GT Convertible, have been hot-rodding a 53 Chevy Bel Air for 19 years and enjoy sipping fine Scotch at my Tiki Bar with my beautiful wife Colleen. I've had a lot of fun living the retro life, and I'm having more fun sharing my take on the road less traveled with anyone interested.
Like a true fishing boat, it delivers designated fishing positions and an aerated livewell.
Boards being shipped, merchandise coming in in huge boxes ready to be tagged and sent off to the shops, phones ringing, team riders looking for their next board.. The beach lifestyle apparel industry in Orange County-arguably the epicenter of the industry-has largely built itself from the early innovations of Hobie Alter. Four years later, in 1958, Hobie and Gordon Clark began experimenting with foam and Fiberglass, creating boards that were quicker and more responsive than the wood boards available at the time. The trader costs $2.25, and believe it or not it was only twenty pages with about ten boats and thirty advertisements per page and at least four of the boats were being sold by a dealer. And as a family fun boat, it features a comfortable aft L-lounge, deep storage and a Bimini top. This exhibition focusing on the hallmarks of Hobie’s innovations includes surfboards, skateboards, clothing, catamarans, sunglasses, and gliders, augmented with historical photographs and ephemera.

Demand for the new production Hobie boards were great and Gordon Clark launched Clark Foam, which became the industry standard for decades. Kool, old-style Noir detective pulp mixed with Stephen King-like imagery drives this 300-page retro-read! Dealer installation fees for options, taxes, title, registration, documentation and license fees vary by situation and are in addition to prices shown. However, over the next few months, The Surfing Heritage Foundation will at least give you a taste of Hobie with their exhibition: Innovations of Hobie as curated by Barry Haun.
My next step was to join the twenty first century and check out what was on Craigslist, and WOW there sure was a bunch of boats there… So I searched and searched and finally found the perfect boat for running a back water charter fishing operation.
Pull out a box on a high shelf that you thought was full of catalogs, and find it full of Hobie Super Surfer Skateboard wheels from the 60′s. Of course the seller did not provide a phone number so I sent him an email and he replied with additional pictures of the boat. STATE AND LOCAL LAWS vary; some equipment or engines offered may not be available in some states or may require additional equipment at extra cost. Go in for a meeting with Jeff Alter and see a photo of Hobie with a boat motor bolted to the back of a surfboard goofing around in the water. So the next day I go look at the boat, that was described as turn key, and it turns out to be a nice hull with an engine that would be better suited as an anchor. Open a drawer of laments and find that it is full of every sick logo you have seen on a board since forever.

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