We have over 12 years of shrink wrapping experience and quite comfortably call ourselves the best in the business.
Through out the booking stage when dealing with trucks and ships the dates are usually always changing. 16 OctadminWe have over 12 years of shrink wrapping experience and quite comfortably call ourselves the best in the business.
16 Octadmin“As an interstate transport operator for forty years and boat carrier for ten years, I highly recommend Marine Shrink Wrapping for all your shrink wrapping needs.
Modular BuildingsFor more information about Shrink Wrapping Modular Buildings Click below..
VanIsleShrinkwrap has all your shrinkwrap needs, from novice to expert we have the products that make shrinkwrapping a profitable business.
Shrink wrapping is a proven cost effective method used to protect sailboats during periods of inactivity.
Boats on land can either be wrapped once they are secured on cinder blocks or right to your trailer.

When we shrink wrap a boat on a trailer we make sure that the owner has the option to move the boat without compromising the integrity of the wrap. We have wrapped everything from Boats to Buildings and are yet to  come across a job we have not been able to wrap. The products have been sold in their own Countries for a number of years and have been very successfully marketed and used by boaters, builders and recreationers. Whether you're a start-up business or do-it-yourselfer, our "How-To" videos take all the guesswork out of shrinkwrapping. A warm and helpful person, our Hugh Carroll, will greet you with solutions to all your shrinkwrapping needs.
Whether you are a novice or expert we have the products that make shrink wrapping a profitable business.
We require 7 days notice but as this is not always possible we’ll work with you to suit your schedule. I am the current sole contractor for moving Riviera boats for local dealers and export market.

We sell the products directly to Users as well as Builders, Manufacturers and Distributors in North America and we ship from our warehouse in Blaine Washington and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Sign up for our informative Newsletter and we'll keep you informed of special offers, new products, upcoming shows and shrinkwrapping tips.
With shrink wrap immediately available in widths from 12'-60', we are your single source supplier for all shrink wrapping products and accessories including heat tools, adhesives, zipper access doors and venting.
Experience "World Class Service" from the World's Largest Shrinkwrap Supplier, VanIsle Shrinkwrap!
All you need to do is make a few cuts through the plastic and it will come off without any trouble.

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