Dry Boat StorageAre you looking for a way to protect your boat from the outdoor elements and prolong its life, while still having convenient access to it? Our dry boat storage will keep your boat protected and allow you to enjoy beautiful Lake Norman anytime you want – 365 days a year!
Inside Dry Storage – Westport has three dry storage buildings which house about 200 boats each.
Partially-Covered Outside Storage – Outside storage that is covered on the top and two sides. To learn more about our dry boat storage options or for pricing information, call 704-483-5172 or email us. When people think of self storage most think of a 10×10 room you put your extra couch, bed, chair or clothes. Many boat owners choose to dock their boat at the marina due to convenience but the price typically reflects that as well.
Unless you use your boat several times per week, leaving your boat docked in the water for extended periods of time can harm it. Having a boat is a dream come true for most but people must also take care of their boat in order to keep it in great shape for years to come. DryRax™ Boat storage systems provide an excellent opportunity to increase marina revenues in servicing boating clientele during the winter and summer months.
Marina operators that have installed DryRax™ services for storing boats, trailers, water craft or inflatables have found boat storage racks to be an excellent source of added revenues with little or no maintenance requirements.
Covered, partially covered or uncovered, DryRax™ systems can be custom built to meet current and future requirements.
DryRax™ can be "off the shelf" or custom engineered and manufactured. All units come with adjustable shelving to accommodate future changes in boat storage requirements.
DryRax™ systems are engineered and manufactured to meet all current building code legislation and health and safety requirements. DryRax™ systems are made from fabricated hot rolled steel which can be painted or galvanized to withstand the the harshest marine environments.  Systems are shipped with all of the necessary mounting hardware required for quick and easy assembly by WMW, marina personnel or by a designated contractor. Whether you enjoy spending the day cruising in the sun with your family or fishing for bragging rights with friends, boats and other water vessels are investments that can bring a wealth of fun-filled memories.

Vessels stored in a wet slip are more vulnerable to storms and water damage  Bad weather and excessive water can bring unwanted problems like a damaged hull, mildew, faded paint, mold, or mechanical issues. The ideal storage option will give you the freedom and easy access wet storage provides, as well as the peace of mind you get with dry storage. When considering the best way to store your boat, remember the numerous advantages of dry storage.
Please Note: Many builders have gone through color changes and utilize different color schemes on different boats.
Because parts are built to order, we cannot accept any returns on account of color discrepancy. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about exciting new products and specials!
Storing your boat or RV at Derrel’s Mini Storage will provide you peace of mind thru all four seasons. Although storage units are mainly used to store your extra household possessions they can also be used to store some of your more prized possessions while keeping them safe and secure. Owning a boat is pure enjoyment for anyone who loves the water and is a symbol of freedom and fun whether you use if for sailing, fishing or water skiing.  What do boat owners do when the weather turns sour or when they aren’t using the boat though? The longevity of the paint and boat itself becomes compromised leading to expensive repairs. Dock the boat in a self storage unit during non-peak seasons and you will have comfort, peace of mind and affordability for your boat when its not on the water. DryRax™ systems are well suited to marinas that require more winter storage space or are moving towards higher end “valet services” during the summer months.
Once the foundation footings are in place, installation time can be as as little as 1-2 days per bay. Whether you plan on replacing or installing free-standing boat storage racks that are free standing or attached to partially covered or covered buildings, rely on WMW’s expertise to provide you with quality dry stack storage at an affordable price.
Storing your boat or jet-ski at a marina with dry  storage capabilities is one way to protect your investment and extend its value. Like any investment, boats should be cared for to ensure a long lifetime of operation. To learn more about dry storage or if you have any other marina-related questions, contact Westport Marina at 704-483-5172 or email us.

We have well-lit, gated facilities with wide driveways ready to accommodate your watercraft! Covered and enclosed storage is the most effective way to keep your RV or boat in prime condition year round. Additional sections (bays) and shelving can be added at any time.  DryRax™ can be designed to be free standing or attached to covered or partially enclosed structures. Cross beams used to support vessels can be adjusted up or down by 12" increments to meet current and future needs, For example, for larger boats, more vertical space will be required than for jet boats or inflatibales  DryRax™ are virtually maintenance free.
It can be a good option for those who are always coming and going on the lake, but it doesn’t provide the protection and security that dry storage offers. Your boat will be preserved in a clean facility when you don’t need it and quickly in the water when you do need it. For your reference, we have compiled a "best guess" list matching boat manufacturers' colors.
If you are unsure which color best matches your boat, we highly recommend purchasing a set!
There are several options to store a boat such as the marina, your backyard or even a self storage unit. Although it may not be as convenient as docking at the marina, boat storage is more affordable. Outdoor storage will be more affordable but your boat may be exposed to the elements while it will not be exposed inside. The storage facilities will most likely have outdoor lighting, gated access, 24 hour surveillance and video cameras for additional protection.

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