PEOPLE ARE TALKINGDelmarva's colorful shipwreck past is being brought vividly back to life again in Fenwick Island, Delaware, in an exciting new exploratory museum appropriately named DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum.
Maryland has a vast and diverse landscape creating an amazing list of activities and attractions all around the state. Chesapeake Bay’s eastern side is the most popular spot in Maryland with numerous resorts and towns along the seaboard. The Ocean City beach hotels are some of the most popular hotels on the entire eastern seaboard. Chesapeake Beach MD and North Beach are dubbed the Twin Beaches–two towns lying side by side on the bay south of Annapolis. Assateague Island Beach is in Assateague State Park in Maryland, reached by crossing Sinepuxent Bay via Verrazano Bridge.
Sandy Point State Park offers some of the best views of Chesapeake Bay Bridge and  Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse directly from the beach, completing a scenic and extensive backdrop. Ocean City beaches create a landscape of recreation, entertainment, dining, and shopping and line the popular resort area of this town in Maryland. The shipwreck museum is on the north edge of Ocean City and is tucked away in Seashell City upstairs.
Learn about Spanish, French, British, Irish, and Colonial shipwrecks and lost treasures of history, gold, silver and jewels that lie in briny graves just offshore local beaches waiting to be discovered.
Maryland extends from the coast to the Appalachian Mountains and beyond encompassing popular tourist destinations like Smith Island and Tilghman Island, home to some great beaches.

The location comprises the perfect elements for surfing, swimming, fishing, and other seaside activities.
The peninsula spans hundreds of miles creating endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, especially in peak summer season. Located by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Kent Island is convenient to the Annapolis and Baltimore-Washington corridor. They each share breathtaking views, are friendly waterfront towns, and offer many attractions for young and old alike, including several Maryland beaches. It’s roughly twenty minutes south of Ocean City, another popular beach area, making it an excellent day trip from the north for beach, animal, and outdoor lovers alike.
Sandy Point Beach is topped with golden sand and curves like a crescent moon along Chesapeake Bay.
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Hear about infamous pirates who once roamed Delaware and Maryland beaches and learn about their notorious methods for luring unsuspecting vessels into their clutches. Singing sea chanteys, taking the time-honored oath of loyal sailors,storytelling and a gang effort to find the treasure and fend off other ships is all part of the fun.
Top cities like Baltimore and Ocean City make sure a day in Maryland can be very rewarding.
The busy beach town also has shopping malls, amusement parks, museums, and the prominent boardwalk.

Scenic natural areas, beaches, and historic towns dot the coast, offering boating, fishing, and swimming. From Route 50 East take Route 90 East until it dead-ends onto Coastal Highway in Ocean City.
The museum is illuminated by its display cases giving you the spooky feeling of being in the depths of a pirate ship. Baltimore is home to many historical sites as well as lots of family fun, from the National Aquarium to the rest of the fabulous harbor area here. Whether young or old, Ocean City has it all, with a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.
Gather your facts for the rest of your journey, you will be surprised how many times you can reference them later in the day! A legion of boating regattas, waterfront festivals, fishing championships, and art shows create a fun, vibrant scene in MD.

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