Whether you have a brand new boat like this Boston Whaler or a well-loved, well-used older boat, there are practical steps you can take to keep your boat from being an easy mark. With increasing frequency, law-enforcement agencies are seeing professional thieves target high-value and high-performance boats.  When you own one of these boats or keep your boat in a high-theft area (your insurance company can tell you this), theft-prevention measures need to be taken a few steps further.
As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this is especially true when talking about your boat or yacht. It is also very important to be aware of online scams when shopping for and buying boats online – check out our top ten ways to be a savvy online shopper and protect yourself from fraudulent activity online. Ben grew up in a boating family and has piloted yachts and boats of all sizes throughout his life.
This BOSTON WHALER 18 Outrage, THE UNSINKABLE LEGEND, is the ultimate all purpose fishing machine, with a 12 draft for shallow water but well suited for rough water and offshore fishing as well. Brunswick reports that the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage earned a National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award at the 2010 Miami International Boat Show. The center console style helm makes for convenient access to controls, and the forward console lounge provides storage for rods, tackle and other items. The Miami International Boat Show took place February 11 to 15, and the NMMA Innovation Awards were presented in several categories of marine products. This is your first time using Zen Cart™ and you haven't yet completed the normal Installation procedure.
If you recently edited your configure.php files for any reason, or maybe moved your site to a different folder or different server, then you'll need to review and update all your settings to the correct values for your server. The Online FAQ and Tutorials area on the Zen Cart™ website will also be of value if you run into difficulties. Something as simple as cockpit seating can tell you a lot about the thought that goes into a boat.
It’s just one of the many examples of a company that understands not only how to build a boat, but also what their owners use them for.
When we ran the 2012 Boston Whaler 320 Outrage we found a rugged boat that was geared for serious offshore fishing—just like the rest of the Outrage line. The 2016 330 Outrage replaces the 320 Outrage., and while basic design and construction remain the same, there are some significant differences between these models. Here’s why: Boston Whaler has started out with their proven “Unibond” construction (a glass-foam-glass sandwich that eliminates voids and completely bonds the hull  to the deck), kept the fishy center-console layout, and added in a dash of design innovation that makes the boat more useable for purposes other than fishing. The new bow design in the 330 Outrage is a classic example of having your cake, and eating it too. The net result is the same seating capacity—except that those kicked back on the console lounge will find it a good deal more comfortable—with additional fishing space.
One of the things that will affect just where those initial price numbers fall will be the choice you make regarding powerplants. The bottom line: yes, you do have to pay to play, but with the 330 Outrage, Boston Whaler has quite simply built a better boat. One look at the square bow, low freeboard, and high perimeter rail, and you instantly know that this boat is a Montauk, one of Boston Whaler’s most legendary designs.

Bob, with a lot of more cutting edge designs in the Whaler line, what kind of buyer goes for the tried and true Montauk? Bobby Garza, Boston Whaler: Well Jeff I think most Montauk buyers are somebody who appreciates the more traditional classic lines of Boston Whaler. Whether you enjoy fishing, water sports or quality family time this Boston Whaler 170 Super Sport, 2010 could be the perfect boat for you. The new 170 Super Sport is a big 17-footer that is as versatile, customizable and unsinkable as they come. In fact, most large insurance companies are requiring the installation of a GPS tracking device such as Sea Key or GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies).  Most of these systems sound an ear-piercing alarm and automatically notify the vessel owner and local authorities that something is awry. I don’t think folks realize how many thieves are out there looking for things like boats to steal.
And three rugged new Outrages have joined the line-up to get you out to your fishing grounds faster, smoother and with more fish ability than ever. The 370 Outrage won in the Cruisers category which is made up of boats 25’ to 140’ in length. Step back and flip this latch, and that backrest pivots forward, and a footrest slides out from below.
It starts with a 20 degree deadrise at the transom which helps with the soft ride, but provides a stable platform.
And even if these design changes are ideal for your uses, you’ll still have to face the fact that with improvement often comes a price increase. The 330 is available with twin outboards ranging from twin 250 to twin 350 Mercury Verados. What they found was that this basic design—which has been around for generations—still combines fishability and family fun into one trailerable package.
The 210 is the largest boat in the Montauk line, yet with a standard trailer it’s still easily towable to and from the water.
The standard boat is expertly rigged for fun and functionality with upscale features and room for seven people. From there, law enforcement is able to act quickly and decisively, and more times than not stop the theft from even occurring. Sporting all-new hull designs, their performance is remarkable, their ride more comfortable. Needless to say, we didn’t shy away from the chance to put this good looking, dual purpose design through its paces. But what really helps, what you noticed, was how we transition from the flat deadrise, the running surface, into the entry.
Those two pieces are flipped, put together while the fiberglass is still curing, and high density foam is injected into the resulting void. Many center consoles, including the 320 Outrage, have forward U-shaped or V-shaped seating up there. A cut-through into the console head compartment lets rod tips protrude through, and you’ll be able to fit over a dozen rods of virtually any length down there.Another improvement can be found just behind the helm.

The 320 Outrage was already a relatively expensive boat, and yes, the 2016 Outrage does cost more. It has ample features, but not too many to make the boat too complicated; they’re hose and go type of people, more utilitarian. In addition, you can pick from a long list of enticing options to make the boat all your own. Olaf College, Ben understands the boating lifestyle and enjoys helping boaters find the insurance coverage that best fits their needs. I have my small 15 hp outboard locked on to the aluminum boat with two locks and the boat is chained to a large tree as well. Several different leaning post arrangements are available, one of which incorporates a new aft-facing seat design with a fold-down backrest that transforms into a table. You’ll have to plan on spending over $300,000 to get into this boat and depending on how you get it rigged and optioned, could boost that number by 25 percent.
But as we’ll see in our review, it also has the amenities that make it great for cruising, skiing, and wakeboarding.
I think that all this will do is slow someone down or perhaps direct them away from my boat and motor to look for an easier targer, i.e.
The wide beams provide tremendous spaciousness and superior layout for more storage and comfort.
This arrangement cuts back a hair on fishability, since the forward seating pushes you away from the forward gunwales. As a die-hard angler, I’d probably opt to have the optional 40-gallon livewell here instead, to complement the standard 50 gallon well in the transom.
The flip side to this equation is that, as you can tell from looking at the used boat price range above, Boston Whalers as a rule tend to retain value better than the average boat on the used market. Or, maybe I’d go for the version that houses tackle drawers, a cutting board, sink, and Yeti cooler. So while it may be a big financial bite initially, in the long run you’ll recoup more of your investment than you otherwise might. But if there’s a better boat out there, thanks to light-speed communications and modern digital resources, boaters will find it.
But if you use your boat for entertaining as well as fishing, you’ll probably appreciate having a table that, for once, doesn’t wobble around on one of those lousy pedestal mounts. There’s still room for three people to sit on the forward seat, but anglers can stand right up against the gunwales and use a lot more of the bow’s deck space for fishing. You’ll also like the fact that you don’t have to hunt for a place to stow the table and pedestal, because when you want to go back into fishing-mode you simply swing the table up and back into the seat-and-backrest position. And if you really don’t care much for fishing in the first place you might even want to swap out the whole affair for the summer kitchen option, with an electric grill, inverter, and cooler.

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