When it comes to building top-notch fishing boats, Maverick Boat Company’s Cobia brand is among the best in the game.
Aside from wanting to add another great offshore fishing boat to the stable, Cobia also conceived and built the 277 CC to fill a sort of hole in its lineup. From the outside you can tell the 277 CC shares a lot of DNA with its smaller and larger siblings. My light blue test craft came with twin 200-horsepower Yamaha F200 four-stroke outboards that pushed us toward the inlet across Indian River Lagoon at around 50 mph.
We punched our way out of the inlet through a vigorous four- to five-foot chop stirred up by an east wind pushing against an outgoing tide.
The 277 CC has a pair of 47-gallon insulated fish boxes with macerated discharges, and a nicely built 42-gallon insulated livewell in the top of the transom, where it’s easy to access. Unfortunately the fish were craftier than we were that afternoon, but as the wind lay down and we headed back to shore I had the opportunity to check out some of the creature comforts aboard. The Cobia 277 CC’s large console not only has room for lots of electronics goodies, but there’s room for an enclosed head below it.
I was happy to see a feature on the Cobia 277 CC that I originally fell in love with on the company’s 344 CC model. Greenline 40 Greenline 40 Hybrid is a development of her smaller sister, the Greenline 33 Hybrid. Reaching new maturity, the Sense concept marks a new era in lifestyle at sea with the new Sense 55. The new Swift Trawler brings some amazing innovations while retaining the features that were the success of its predecessors. Steiger Deep-V Pilot Houses offer a gigantic cockpit, clean traditional styling and functional design for fishing and cruising. The Steiger Craft Center Consoles are a world-class fishing platform with features and amenities for the entire family. Block Islands offer a unique look while retaining the functionality and performance of other Steiger Craft models. Time was when center-console boats were pretty small and had single engines, and the only things under the consoles themselves were engine batteries, wiring, a soggy towel or two, and a rusty fish-hook.
The Chris-Craft Catalina 34 has impressive amenities below the console — and lots of light. Part of the change has come simply because center-console boats have gotten bigger and bigger, with twin, triple, and even quadruple outboards, air-conditioning, and a host of other amenities that would have been unheard of even a decade ago. The stand-up head compartment in the Cobia 296 is impressive for a boat under 30 feet long. The first and most obvious use of a console space big enough big enough for a person to sit in is as a head compartment. The Crusader engine under this Vanquish 24 console has its weight low and centered in the boat. On the Doug Zurn-designed Vanquish 24, when you unlock the console and tilt it forward you get… the engine. The Vanquish is also made with modern materials and methods — vinylester resin and closed-cell foam, vacuum-bagged to achieve a tight, light laminate.
The Hydrasports 4200 Siesta carries side-by-side vertical ports to starboard — a nice design feature, both good-looking and practical.
The bigger the center-console, the smaller the problem of headroom under the console itself. The sub-console cabin on the Everglades 435 CC is big enough for a convertible queen-sized berth, a galley, and a head. Then they added quite a bit of premium-quality kit in terms of hardware, fishability, and navigation gear. The addition of a wide, narrow window over the bunk on the Chris-Craft Catalina 34 is a stroke of design genius.

After producing the first Deep Impact Power Boat Quad Engine with 300 Mercury Verados in the fall of 2007, Deep Impact Power Boats is soon to release the first Triple Engine Open center console with F350 Yamahas.  According to Deep Impact Powerboats, the incredible torque and power of the V-8 Yamahas, the boat is expected to have speeds close to 80 mph like to the Quad Engine 300 with Mercury Verados. In addition to the first F350 Open model, the latest boat out of the factory is a 36 Open Midnight Blue Triple Mercury with a saddle color interior that has a stunning color scheme mimicking the Ford “King Ranch” line of trucks. And the builder has been busy lately, introducing a slew of new center-console models over the last two years, including the Cobia 277 CC. Before the 277 CC came to be, folks were telling the builder that the Cobia 296 CC was too big for near-shore and coastal work, while the 256 CC was too small for the same tasks.
Stuart just happens to provide the exact type of watery landscape the 277 CC was designed for: calm coastal bays chock full of snook, jack crevalle, and permit, and choppy offshore waters teeming with sailfish, cobia, and wahoo. We really liked these pullout tackle drawers and organizers built right into the helm seating.
I think most folks will cruise the 277 CC between 30 and 35 mph, a range that gives the best fuel economy — around  13 to 14 gph. The 277 CC handled these conditions with ease, evidenced by the fact that we only throttled back to 40 mph to shoot the inlet. There’s also rod stowage everywhere, with space for six rods under the port and starboard gunwales, eight deck-mounted holders, and rocket launchers on the hardtop and console seating.
On deck this Cobia has lots of high-quality, stainless-steel deck fittings, hatches that operate with precision, and plenty of convertible seating, both in the cockpit and up forward.
It lowers to form a large casting platform, or even lower to hide completely away in the deck. It’s an electrically operated bow table that lowers all the way down flush with the deck, rises to form a large casting platform, or rises even farther to create a sizeable dining table.
It’s not only ultimately fishable, having qualities that allow it to perform both offshore and inshore, but it also has enough creature comforts to keep friends and family happy .
It’s a bit out of my personal price range, but I can still dream of owning a boat like this someday. Introduced in September 2009 the Greenline 33 found over 200 owners throughout the world in the first eighteen months of production. Central to the organization of the yacht are three large and completely separate living spaces, which are subtly linked. Modernized silhouette that emphasizes a very fluid flybridge line, hull specifically designed for the choice of IPS engine (2 IPS 600), the Swift Trawler 50 also marks a significant development in the adaptation to the various ways of sailing and living on board. Pilot Houses offer protection from the elements and comfort underway, while large easy to open windows offer cool ventilation. They maximize usable space, while offering easy access to fish lockers, live wells and storage, as well as all under deck mechanicals.
Sure, most fishermen have no problem using a bucket in the cockpit, but when you add more family and friends (now that you have a bigger boat), the urgencies of a long day of fishing on a headless, heaving platform can take some of the fun out of the program. Still, Hydrasports really addresses the subject well in their 4200 Siesta, a big, beefy offshore boat that can be powered by a bunch of different outboard configurations. When Everglades pushed the center-console envelope wih their new 435 CC they went to an LOA of almost 45 feet, including the quad Yamaha 300- or 350-hp engines. And when it was time to fit out the space under the console they really went to town, with a full convertible queen-sized bunk, a galley, and a head with a shower and a lighted partition. The winter time is the best time to start brainstorming new storage and design ideas for boating in the spring and summer. With those comments in mind, Cobia sets the wheels in motion for a new 27-footer, the Cobia 277 CC.
Once offshore we made use of the copious fishing features aboard to target sailfish that were  on the hunt in the Gulf Stream. There’s also a set of tackle boxes and drawers built in to the cockpit side of the dual helm seats. With six of us aboard, the 277 CC never felt cramped and everyone had a place to sit and relax.

It’s a nice convertibility feature that allows the 277 CC to serve as an entertaining platform or serious fishing machine with the push of a button. Whether your angling takes you into coastal bays or out in the Gulf Stream, the Cobia 277 CC is definitely worth a look. The pure white look lends itself well to a higher-end boat, and I’d love to go after some sailfish on one someday.
From the couple to the large family, all types of crews will find the proposed layout and attractive. The Deep V Miami boats are the perfect day-trip fishing boat with outstanding maneuverability and highly efficient performance. They have more comfort features than ever before, while maintaining a traditional hard-core fishing design. The advantages, aside from aesthetics, are fuel efficiency, simplicity, easier wiring and rigging runs, and especially a low center of gravity, concentrated amidships.
There’s well over six feet of headroom  (more like seven) and a nice aesthetic touch is the two big side-by-side opening ports in the starboard side of the console, opposite the door. There’s a large window opposite the console door and an opening port at the foot of the queen-sized bunk, but the best move was the inclusion of a wide, narrow window low in the forward face of the console, right above the sunpad outboard and the bunk inboard. Like many center-console boats on the market these days, the 277 CC has an enclosed head under the console, which is handy when you have a mess of anglers aboard and nature calls.
You can count on a rock solid ride and heavy duty construction that all adds up to a great fishing platform where you can easily fish all day or for quick jaunts out on the water. They’re oriented vertically  instead of being stacked, which is a great look both inside and out, and probably lets in more light than two stacked ports would. That the sort of clever, unusual design move that keeps Chris-Craft styling at the front of the pack.
That draft will keep you from fishing water that’s extra shallow, but it’s not so deep that it will stop you from angling around most coastal bays. I know our female guests appreciated it throughout our fishing excursion offshore—they even told me so as we pulled into the dock. The Sense 55, with its low heel angle and perfect balance under sail, promises surprising sailing speeds with seakeeping second to none among monohulls.
These big offshore performers are constructed of hand laid fiberglass coupled with Steiger’s exclusive I-Beam grid system technology, offering durability and a rigid structure that can withstand any sea conditions.
The Steiger 23 Center Console sports a lot of cockpit for its size, and if you compare it to any other Center Console in its size range, it offers a rock solid ride and heavy duty construction that all adds up to a great fishing platform that you can easily fish all day then roll onto a trailer for the ride home at night.
The spacious Steiger 255 Center Console is designed to offer more seating, tackle storage and performance features while maximizing deck space. The designers also added plenty of warm-looking wood surfaces to relieve the sterile, glossy white gelcoat look that’s common under most consoles.
That 21-degree deadrise provides clues to this boat’s offshore capabilities, and that’s just where we headed the day I ran the boat.
The 23 Miami delivers the same rouged performance as the larger Miami vessels, but in a slightly smaller platform. There’s full standing headroom, a plumbed-through toilet, and a small vanity with a sink, pressure water, and stowage drawers underneath. It is perfect for trailering or when you simply want to step-down in size without sacrificing great fishing performance. The newly designed stand-up head in the console provides ample space for comfort, while giving the captain dry storage for gear. Very importantly there are also opening ports in each side of the console for light and ventilation.

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