16ft Smittys Bahamas skiff in good working order with tiller Nissan 40hp motor on Continental trailer. 2006 Used Triton 2895 Center Console With used Aluminum Trailer and packaged with Brand New Yamaha Four Stroke 300 Hp pair of engines. I have added a Marine radio, Garmin satellite GPS Map 4212, and sirius satellite stereo system.
Having spent time at the Miami Boat Show this year, I still feel a bit dizzied from the shimmer of polished stainless and the intoxicating smell of fresh fiberglass.
As I wandered the show, which many exhibitors said felt busier than it had in years, I marveled at how fortunate some people are to be able to go to Miami to purchase a new boat. If you’re not at the point where you can shop for a new boat, doing your homework can help you find the best of what’s on the used market. Truth is, the marine market needs used boat buyers because they eventually purchase new boats. For good or ill, buying a boat is tinged with emotion, which is why you need to be aware of a boat’s shortcomings before you fall in love with it.
This 2007 Fountain 38′ Lighting from Bluewater Yacht Sales was a big attention-grabber at the 54th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show.
The 54th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show continues through February 11th at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

Yamaha Motors will have full 3 year factory warranty + the FREE 3 Year Extended YES Yamaha Factory warranty = 6 years Yamaha Outboard warranty! Once you have an idea of the kind of boat you want and need, online forums are a good way to get opinions on different brands of boats. As important as it is to seek owners’ opinions, it’s even more important to seek an expert’s opinion.
Another little-known tip for buying a used boat is that there may be tax advantages to buying from a dealer, particularly if you have a trade-in. Many will be conflicting and biased—and some will be penned by nitwits—so be aware of when and how much salt to take with the advice you find. Believe it or not, lots of new-boat  buyers don’t invest in a quality trailer because they know they’re going to trade up in a few years. Depending on where you live, you might be taxed only on the difference between the trade and the boat you’re buying. You will be better off buying a boat that was used solely in fresh water than one used strictly in saltwater, or even one used sporadically in the briny stuff. A few years on, when you can afford to buy a new boat  at the Miami show and toast your latest purchase at some swanky art deco hotel, you can rely on the manufacturers’ warranties. There’s a lot to the art of finding a good used boat, and you’ll discover the obvious fine points along the way.

It will be a good way of collecting anecdotal evidence of people’s experiences with different kinds of boats.
Because they’re not going to keep the boat more than three or five years, they don’t spend money on a quality trailer. For example, if you buy a $35,000 boat with a $20,000 trade-in, you only pay tax on the $15,000 difference.
There’s no way to tell if a saltwater engine has been flushed regularly,  because the damage comes from the inside, not the outside, and what it costs in transportation to get it home is probably less costly than the internal damage from salt water. Figure about $10 to $20 a foot for an inspection, and a couple of hundred bucks for a sea trial. While the surveyor is there, you might consider having him perform compression and leak-down tests on the engine, particularly if it has more than 500 hours on it. They just go for “good enough.” So, the next guy who thinks he’s found a bargain on the boat—that’d be you—could end up spending a lot on trailer repairs or a replacement, which might make what was a sweet deal not so sweet after all.
Simply put, a compression test shows the engine’s ability to generate cylinder pressure, and a leak-down test demonstrates its ability to hold that pressure. There isn’t one website to point you to, so check with the DMV in your area and neighboring states.

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