If you’re wading into the used-boat market for the first time, especially as a seller, answers to those questions can be hard to come by.
So you’re getting ready for one of the two best days of a boater’s life: the day you sell your boat. If your boat is priced above the median asking price for similar boats, you will sell it if it presents well. If you wanted to get $75,500 for your Boston Whaler 230 Dauntless, you could set a price up to $75,999 to give yourself more wiggle room in the 70K-80K range.
Before plunging right in, though. it will pay to read Five Tips for Selling Your Boat on Boat Trader, which gives time-honored advice on how to prepare both your boat and your online ad to maximize your chances of selling faster and more profitably.

And that slightly larger boat you’ve been eyeing yourself—is the asking price too high, or about right? For smaller, trailerable boats — family runabouts, center-consoles, ski and wakeboard boats, etc. My boat didn’t show up in any of his earlier searches — and he was looking the whole time my boat was listed!
How does a boat model with a smaller, newer engine compare with one that has a bigger but older engine? I really wanted to get six grand for it — and it was worth it — but I panicked and lowered it to $5,500.

If I had listed it for $5,999, it would have showed up in his searches and I could have insisted on him spending an extra dollar and giving me what I wanted for it.

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