The only thing worse than doing a boat trailer bearing replacement is not doing a bearing replacement and then getting caught out along the interstate with a broken-down rig. If you use your trailer regularly in saltwater, it’s wise to inspect and repack the bearings annually, and since it’s a dirty job to repack and bearings are relatively cheap, it’s not a bad idea to go ahead and replace bearings and races while you have the wheel off. A viable alternative is to carry a spare hub and bearing assembly, run your rig until the bearing starts making noise, heating up or leaking grease, and then replace the whole works; the work time is shorter because pulling the whole hub is a lot easier than taking out the bearings, races and seals and installing new.
Which ever way you go, remember one size does not fit all, though the standard for small boats is the 1” x 1” axle.
Here’s the basic drill, either way: If you’re not replacing the hubs, you do not have to remove the lug nuts to separate wheel and hub—just pull the whole assembly, as follows. There are 3 main components to a set of Bearings (per wheel) 2 races – 2 bearings and the seal. This is a great bearing buddy to use in salt water since it is stainless steel and therefore will not rust.
Help other Boat Hardware users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased. Durahub Bearing Protectors provide trailer owners with an effective protection system for the wheel bearing assembly. The Durahub bearing protector is easy to fit by simply replacing the hub cap, and following our simple step-by-step instructions. The Durahub bearing protector will give long life protection to wheel bearings in all trailerable applications. I regularly use mild steel (chrome plated) bearing protectors but was tired of always having to get the Autosol out 4-5 times a year to keep them looking new.

A kit is around $35 for 1-inch axles, up to $65 for larger axles—very cheap considering the enormous headaches not having a spare can bring. Secure the opposite wheel so that it can’t roll by putting blocks in front of and behind the tire.
Keep your hubs lubed and check them often for overheating as you travel—you’ll avoid the roadside repair everyone dreads. This bearing buddy measures 2.441" at its base, which is the location that is actually hammered into your Hubs outer face.
They give complete peace of mind by extending the life expectancy of trailer bearings and reducing maintenance. This is a great bearing buddy to use in salt water or freshwater since it is stainless steel and therefore will not rust.
For the same price or less, these SS bearing protectors are absolutely the best and only choice. They will not rust where the standard bearing buddies always seem to rust even when not used in salt water.
A punch inserted inside the hub and tapped with a hammer does a good job on races you are replacing.
Make double sure you don’t omit this step or you will lose the wheel on your first trip out of the driveway. The Durahub bearing protectors can be completely submerged under salt water without fear of corrosive damage. When properly installed and maintained, Durahub prevents wheel bearing failure and eliminates the need for constant maintenance.

This bearing buddy measures 1.98" at its base, which is the portion that will be mounted into the outer face of your trailer hub. They not only look great and function perfectly, there is little to no outside maintenance whatsoever.
Place all parts in a plastic bag or on a sheet of newspaper, anywhere that sand won’t get on them. Push the greased inner bearing into place, then insert the grease cup, cover it with a block of wood to protect it, and tap it home. You will notice by looking at you trailer hub that the back side, (the side on the inside of the trailer) is larger than the front side (the side facing the outside of the trailer).
Also, when removing your trailer hub, your spindle, (the part that the bearings ride on) is tapered, meaning larger on one end and smaller on the other. The blue indicator ring will protrude slightly to let you know when it's full, or recede when you need to add extra grease. This Bearing Combination is extremely common and in most cases accommodates every 3500lb axle configuration.
There are many odd arrangements of bearings and grease seals out there that have been produced.

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