Very nice Expanda in full working order, has been well maintained and is in great condition. This is a trailer brake line kit put together to outfit a standard tandem axle boat or utility trailer with the appropriate brake lines to install Disc or Drum brakes. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Here at Eyers Hitch Center, we believe in doing preventative maintenance on your trailer so you don't have a serious problem to fix later. Heavy equipment trailers and horse trailers seem to take a lot of abuse and should be checked yearly, at the very least. Give us a call if you need repairs to your boat, equipment, RV, car hauler, utility and horse trailers. We offer a wide variety of general maintenance, trailer repair and equipment installations on all types of trailers.
Cab Controller Need-To-KnowsThere are two kinds of controllers available, and while factory-installed ones are part of a new vehicle tow package, it's good to know what kind they use.Proportional-style controllers send an electric signal from the cab when the tow vehicle brake pedal is pressed and slows the trailer at the same rate the tow vehicle is slowing.
Download files are in .zip format and you will need a suitable decompression utility to extract the files. A comprehensive and detailed set of plans for the construction of a 3 bike single axle Motorbike Trailer.
The motorbike trailer is designed with a ramp that conveniently store away on the trailer bed when not in use.
The design also includes handy features like tie-down hooks, spare wheel carrier, jerry can holder and chequer plate bed. Assembly guide will assist you in the construction and give you heaps of advice on brakes, axles, suspension and other components. Features staggered rails for fitting 3 bikes, chassis mounted tie-down lugs, two jerry can holders (plans included) and spacious drawbar – lots of room for storage or a toolbox. The spare wheel is mounted securely on the left hand side (safe for road-side change overs) and leaves lots of room on the deck for the bikes. The Assembly Guide gives you 10 pages of support on topics such as Planning, Safety, Tools Required, Welding, Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, Electrical, Registration and more.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. We encourage yearly appointments to check all the important systems of your trailer - brakes, lights, coupler, axles, springs etc.
This 12 inch 6 Lug Stainless Steel Slip On Style rotor outfits Kodiaks 5,200lb Disc Brake Kits.

But electric over hydraulic brakes on boat trailers are now an option on models built by EZ Loader, Magic Tilt, Pacific Trailers, and Loadmaster, to name just a few.Like a purely hydraulic system, an electric over hydraulic (EOH) braking system is activated whenever the tow vehicle brakes are applied and the trailer surges forward. So, if the brakes are applied quickly in the tow vehicle, so are the brakes on the trailer.
Depending on the plan you choose, you will get a number of detailed drawings – at least one A4 drawing for each major assembly such as chassis assembly, body assembly, various sub-assemblies (tailgate, ramps…) and all major parts.
Depending on the payment option you choose, you will receive a download link as soon as payment has been finalized so you can get your plans and be up and running straight away.
The plans will provide all the necessary drawings, instructions and parts lists to enable you to build with confidence, knowing that your trailer will conform to legal requirements. The Vented Rotor design creates a heat distribution that allows your trailer brake system to run cooler and improve long term performance. Unlike the older system, however, the EOH actuator is electric, so the trailera€™s brakes are applied instantly, with almost no lag time."Electric over hydraulic brakes have the same hydraulic brake lines going to them," says EZ Loader's Rick Norman, whose company also offers electric drum brakes, "but instead of ending up on the forward end of the trailer with the familiar hydraulic actuator, they end up with a motor on the actuator that's powered by electricity from the tow vehicle.
These are commonly installed in manufacturer tow vehicle packages.Time-style controllers have settings to determine how much of the tow vehicle brakes are used before the trailer brakes are engaged. If you’re having any trouble opening the .zip folder, download a FREE evaluation version of WinZip. Using these hoses ensures that your brake hoses will not crack or wear, which would cause pre-mature failure.
The result produces the necessary hydraulic pressure to activate the brakes." Depending on the brand you buy, an electric over hydraulic system is available for either disc or drum brakes.
Like surge, there's an actuator designed for either, but be aware that 1,000 psi on an EOH brake system is used for hydraulic drum brakes while a higher 1,500 psi is used for disc brakes. Conventional surge brakes use a lower psi (400-800) but most brake lines can handle the higher pressure.
And if you're leaning toward EOH, this is a question you need answered: Is the brake line burst strength strong enough for the increased pounds per square inch of brake fluid moving through the system? Lightly used in Michigan in the Great Lakes; the trailer was recently brought to FL and never used in saltwater.
Federal law also requires a breakaway kit, including battery, installed on any trailer with EOH brakes so that the trailer brakes will activate in the event it becomes separated from the tow vehicle.
Trailers with the standard surge brakes use a breakaway cable to do the same, should a separation occur.Water and EOH"You can't get the electric over hydraulic actuator wet," observes Trailering Club member Jim Favors, who has pulled his Ranger 27 tug from Washington state to Florida and back home to Michigan. I have my wife Lisa stand outside when we back the trailer down the ramp to let me know when to stop."This doesn't mean the actuator on an EOH system should be kept out of the rain. It's built to handle heavy weather while on the road, but manufacturers ask that it not be submerged at the boat ramp. For the two styles of cables ties, you can really use them however you desire in order to mount your hoses along your trailers frame or axle.

Of course, in these days of power washes at boat ramps to remove any invasives (quagga or zebra mussels, to name two), boaters have expressed concern about using a high-pressure hose on a trailer with electric over hydraulic brakes. Since these actuators aren't designed to be submersible though the housing is weather-tight, most will tell you light rinsing is fine.
As for power washing, avoiding the actuator altogether makes sense because it's not supposed to be in the water.Brake manufacturers suggest using electric over hydraulic if the boat being pulled exceeds 3,500 pounds. This becomes all the more important when one considers that a boat that size being backed down a boat ramp with the conventional surge system is using only the tow vehicle brakes. Most of the time, it's not an issue, but as the boat gets heavier, more strain is put on the tow vehicle brakes.
When installing your kit, if any length is slightly longer than needed, simply loop the brake hose in the down ward direction. EOH uses both tow vehicle and trailer brakes when the boat is backed onto the ramp.Control from the CabThe other essential part of electric over hydraulic is the cab controller, an instrument on or around the dashboard that can be adjusted to the conditions outside.
Some controllers are numbered so a setting of 3 or 4 is used when the boat isn't on the trailer, while a setting of 8 is used when the boat is being towed. Some controllers that are part of a tow vehicle package may not work with the trailer brake system. Magic Tilt's Tony D'Ippolito uses this example to make that point: "Factory-installed brake controllers in a tow vehicle package use a digital signal while the trailer's electric over hydraulic system sometimes uses an analog system.
That's the cause of incompatibility so boat owners need to be aware of this if they're looking at this system." Magic Tilt says if they install an EOH braking system (and they use the Carlisle Hydrastar actuator), it's compatible with any tow vehicle. SurgeElectric over hydraulic fans a€” and there are many a€” are quick to point out its advantage over surge brakes when the topic turns to something every trailer boater does: backing down the ramp to launch the boat. With EOH, the tow vehicle brakes and the trailer brakes are engaged at the same time, whereas with hydraulic surge brakes, braking the tow vehicle while in reverse does not activate the trailer brakes. Remember, the surge system only activates the trailer brakes when the trailer moves toward the tow vehicle, and that's not going to happen backing down a boat ramp.This has also been an issue when going down a hill. There's also that "clunk" one sometimes hears, and feels, when the trailer moves forward as the tow vehicle slows down with the hydraulic surge system.
I've got no complaints."A This article was published in the Winter 2013 issue of Trailering Magazine.

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