The Hawaii boat and trailer bill of sale form allows for the sale of a vessel between an owner and a purchaser. Regardless of size, damage, service or repair Hot Headz Marine can meet all your needs to keep your watercraft safe while being transported. You most likely will want a good Boat Trailer Bill Of Sale if you don't want problems later on or if the time comes that you want to re-sell it. Receipt This form of receipt should clearly state the details of the trailer that you are buying. Selling ItIf you sell it, you should use a similar form to make sure that both parties understand the deal so that there won't be any issues later.
The Boat Trailer Bill of Sale should mention year built, color, make, model, number, body style, VIN, length, width, number of axles, and GVWR.

If the GVWR is under a certain weight in some states you do not need a title, but in others you do. So, the thing here is that you have to understand your title requirements for your state before you pay cash for something that will become a real nightmare in the end of the deal. New York State requires that all trailers and “any boat that is motor-driven and is operated on public waterways” in the state must be registered, and boats manufactured after 1986 or at least 14 feet long must have title certificates, so a Bill of Sale is absolutely required. An “as is” Bill of Sale with a kitchen’s sink worth of exclusionary language will usually shield the average seller from a successful claim on an implied warranty of merchantability, but be aware that there is no language that will likely protect a seller who has engaged in deception, concealed defects, or has knowingly and negligently made a repair that results in damage or injury. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
The full transaction should take place on the date of the sale including all transfers of possession of the boat or trailer and the cash or check used for payment.

Some need a title, as well as bill of sale, and the rules vary as far as weight is concerned. In some states, you can register a trailer as homemade if, in fact, it is made from parts and that doesn't need a title. This is just another example of the benefits of building truly custom boat trailers to help our customers!

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