I would have bought an aluminum enclosed 20 footer, probably a Featherlite, its pricy, but more flexibility. For instance with the 20 foot car hauler, we can easily haul a car and in front put any tools, equipment and have space for the things we buy along the way. I have both a 16 ft tandum axel box trailer and a 4 horse trailer that I tow with my class 5 hitch and tow beast extension bar. No offence intended, but Northernlimits looks like he has too much weight in front of his trailer axle, maybe if you cana€¦move the axle about a foot or so ahead.
We pull a 7x12 open trailer, no brakes, with two two-up ATV's, little difference in mileage.
Now I pull a 13ft snowmobile trailer with a couple of ATV's, plus camping accessories like firewood, extra gas, and the bbq on it. Scott_PDX wrote:I looked at the Superhitch and Reese solutions, but my neighbor had what I thought looked like a better solution. Also, looking at the picture below, you may want to go back and double wall the tip of your hitch tube to keep it from flaring over time. 1991 Fleetwood Caribou 11', Atwood Remote Electric Jacks, Maxxair, Fast Guns, Alarm by Smith and Wesson! Don't take this the wrong way but I hope the welds are better than the pictures make them look. B-n-B wrote:Also, has anyone ever considered going the other way and extending their trailer tongue? The most significant risk with a longer tongue is that the camper bumper could strike the tongue in a dip.
The weight transfer off the front axle to the rear axle in reaction to the tongue weight is greater. The biggest upside is that there is little weight transfer off the front axle and to the rear axle.

I agree the side plates would be better if they extended further forward up the frame but they should still be fine as-is. I agree the end of the extension's reciever tube should be wrapped with piece of flat bar like the other receiver tubes in the system, to keep it from bagging out with hitch bar movement while towing. For a very heavy tongue weight trailer I would have either started with a heavier rated class 5 hitch, or custom built the hitch. Not sure if the welds got deep enough penetration or not, but that's up to the weldor to judge. Multi system boat trailer rollers double pivoting boat trailer rollers carriages, fitted with non marking polyurethane rollers, fully galvanized, ideal for jetski trailers, bunk to roller conversions or simply adding more rollers to give ease of loading and unloading etc. Description: Add 7 to 12 EXTRA feet of extension onto your boat or sailboat trailer tongue. A drawbar extension for boat launching: pictures specifications and installation instructions. I'de like the insight for a purchase and setup, but Im sure there are others who would benefit from a discussion. I drove tractor trailer trucks for some time, so I know how important it is to make sure things are balanced. It;s a single wheel trailer that is connected to the TV by a receiver hitch vice a ball hitch. If you don't have a "V" tongue on your boat trailer, you may have more difficulty finding a suitable WD system without some tinkering to get it setup.
We are also specialists in Jetski Boat Trailer Roller Conversion Kits And Carry A Large Range In Stock. The wheel swivels 360 degree's and will track with the TV and can not jack knife when backing up. If considering changing your boat trailer bunks or skids to easy to launch rollers then make Anglesey Marine Supplies your first choice.

Fitted onto fully galvanized roller carriages mounted with a universal bracket that will fit all box section boat trailers.
I get about 10mpg when i have my trailer and camper and 16 when i only have my camper, about 19 when i'm empty (all highway). We pull it with a 2008 F550 super duty (Dona€™t have a picture of the new setup yet) The fuel mileage doesna€™t change when you are pulling that kind of weight with that truck ( 6.4 Diesel with a 30,000 GVW ) ita€™s around 10 miles per gallon loaded all the way or empty.
The trailer platform is supported with an air ride system and can accommodate loads up to 1500 pounds. Easy to fit to enable you to convert your bunked boat trailer to rollers easily and effortless. I would advise getting one with a side & rear door even though it cuts back on a bit of shelf space. I bought my Lance 835 specificaly because it does not extend past my rear bumper, so no modifications for towing.
So, yes, you should adjust for it.How much milage do you loose with the trailer ,as opposed to just the TC? Fully loaded with both the TC, an ATV, bunch of firewood, and so on, my MPG dropped about 1.5 compared to just the TC. We manufacture a boat trailer rollers conversion kit to change bunk trailer to rollers,Choice of towing hitch for all boat trailers, keel roller bracket, winch post, trailer wheel all in stock.

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