This is a trailer brake line kit put together to outfit a standard tandem axle boat or utility trailer with the appropriate brake lines to install Disc or Drum brakes. Great product and price that allowed me to adapt the new Kodia brakes system to a different manufacturer's brake system on the boat trailer. A common use for this brake fitting is on boat trailers, but of course it can be used on any trailer that has hydraulic brakes. A common use for this brake fitting is on trailers that have hydraulic brakes on more than one axle. This fitting is normally attached to the trailer axle and splits the main line that is coming from the master cylinder down one side of the trailer frame.
Whether you have a leaf spring axle, or torsion axle, this Brake Hose kit will outfit your trailers disc or drum brake system.

Using these hoses ensures that your brake hoses will not crack or wear, which would cause pre-mature failure.
This Titan Model 6 Surge Coupler has bolt holes that may or may not match up to your previous coupler.
This Model 6 Surge Coupler will successfully work for either your single axle or tandem axle disc brake system. Two wires run from it, one as a ground, and the other connects to your wiring harnesses 5th wire (for 5 Flat connectors). For the two styles of cables ties, you can really use them however you desire in order to mount your hoses along your trailers frame or axle.
Under normal operation while driving forward and braking the Reverse Solenoid Valve does nothing, however, once you need to reverse or back into the ramp, this is where the Solenoid Valve becomes crucial.

When you put your truck in reverse, a signal is sent to the reverse lockout solenoid (through the 5th wire, which on the truck side connects to your vehicles reverse light) and the device blocks the flow of hydraulic fluid, this allows you to reverse without the surging of the coupler stopping you as you lounge backwards down the ramp.
It is important to begin at the furthest away caliper when trying to get the fluid through the lines and our the caliper bleeder.
When installing your kit, if any length is slightly longer than needed, simply loop the brake hose in the down ward direction.

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