For boat trailer application, hydraulic surge brakes are the most commonly used trailer braking system. Hydraulic surge brakes function by converting the inertial difference in pressure between the tow vehicle & the trailer, experienced during braking, into a mechanical pressure that is applied to the push rod of the surge brake coupler.
For Spindle Lube Axles: It is not necessary to pre-grease (pre-pack) your bearings and hub drums. Whenever you install new hubs or new bearings and races into an old hub, you should pre-load the bearings.
Champion Trailers is the Gulf South’s trailer experts with over 15 years experience in the trailer repair industry.

Please fill out the form below and one of our experienced technicians will contact you regarding your trailer issue.
Bring your trailer by for your FREE repair estimate and let us show you why we are the best in the South with no exceptions! Make certain to provide as much information regarding your trailer and parts as possible so we can help you as quickly as possible. It's also helpful to have a friend hold one side of the tape measure but not absolutely necessary. However the decision to use either drum or disc brakes can be complicated & is affected by certain parameters associated with the trailer itself.

To obtain the hub face measurement, first hook your tape measure to outside art of hub, that is the part of the hub that is facing the wheel. Bring us a copy of a competitors estimate and we will try our best to match or even beat it. Appointments are available for repair services so please call us to set up a convenient time for you.

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