If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. Offers the convenience of having not only a spare tire, but the the entire hub with bearings. The Corvette inspired cockpit is truly one of a kind.  The custom dash has fully function gauges, a custom ZR1 steering wheel and shifter.
The uniquely designed engine bays are loaded with carbon fiber trim, LED and Lumiflex lighting, custom ZR48 badges and bulkhead accent panels. The Corvette theme is continued on the exterior of the boat and features ZR1 inspired hull sides, headlights, taillights, marker lights, custom ZR48 emblems and engine vents. As impressive as this powerboat is, the custom trailer deserves attention as well.  This boat trailer is equipped with a generator, water tank, power washer, engine flush system and five televisions. Today we're taking a look at the Kodiak Boat Buddy for Drive-On Boat Trailers, part number KBB2.
My analysis would be that my boat is heavy enough that it will simply break the BB2 eventually and there is no way to avoid it really. Product was delivered faster than I expected, I installed on trailer took about 10 minutes if that, installed the bow eye that came with as well took about 15 minutes. There is nothing left to do but admit "yes dear I've screwed up again" otherwise you get into one of those ugly incidents on the ramp and end up with no help next time.
I use this on a 24' Duckworth, my wife drives on trailer and when it locks "out we come" no wading in for the strap, you can strap and secure in parking lot.

My Kodiac Trailer Buddy II is a replacement for the factory installed Mastercraft trailer buddy that was 21 years old. As impressive as all that is, what really sets this craft apart from others is its complete Chevrolet Corvette inspired hull and interior. Pier 57 states that all original GM parts were used to accomplish the ZR1 theme in this build.
The trailer is designed to tilt to make an oversize boat legal to transport on its side, thus not requiring an over width permit to haul.
Drive your boat onto your trailer until the bow eye contacts the Boat Buddy, where a stainless steel bolt is triggered to shoot through the eye, securing boat to trailer. This would be the view from the top and then this being your bow eye when it comes into contact it automatically sets that off and you are set, your boat is secure on the trailer.
That should just about do it for our Kodiak Boat Buddy for Drive-On Boat Trailers, number KBB2. I didn't even have to unload the boat to install it although that would have made it easier.
The design concept is good however if you forget to trigger the latch pin open (the retrieval position), the boat dosen't have to be coming up the trailer very fast to bend the mechanism beyond repair. Always set in the (SAFETY) position when traveling, and don't rely on the BB as your bow stop. The pod has 8 Focal K2 coaxial speakers and 2 horns, 2 Kicker Solo Baric 10-inch subs in custom matched ported boxes firing into the cockpit, aft-mounted speaker pods, custom amp cooling system, Apple TV with Wi-Fi network, custom iPad dock integrated into the ZR1 glove box and a separate volume control for the subs, cockpit and exterior sound.

You must be able to drive the boat all the way onto the trailer with the bow eye stopping directly below the roller or V-block. Go ahead and replace the bow eye if yours is not as big as the one included, it is worth replacing. And of course, getting it from etrailer was a no brainer with their fantastic customer service and competitive prices.
The mounting equipment for the bow eye itself and the spacers, the steel bolt with the lock nut, everything you see here comes with this item.Some quick specs-the diameter of the U-bolt bow eye is one half of an inch. Installation was not too difficult but since I went with a heavier U-Bolt I had to expand my existing holes. It's designed for boat loading and recovery at low speeds only and not for on-road use.
While I'm expecting it to do the job, here are the noticeable differences: When arming the unit, the slide is not smooth running like my previous unit. The air ride suspension allows the boat to ride on a cushion of air.  This boat trailer is accessorized by billet aluminum steps, stainless steel fenders, chrome hand rails, hydraulic landing gear and custom paint. Check out more pictures in the gallery below and head over to Tennessee’s Pier 57 for more information.

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