Walk in purchases for the 2016 Annual and Commercial Boat Trailer Parking Permits are now available at John Prince Park. Annual and commercial permits are valid January 1 through December 31 of the calendar year they are purchased for. Annual permits must be permanently affixed on the trailer bowstand or the trailer tongue (click here for location example).
If you are shipping a boat trailer you shall be required as the importer to apply to the Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services to obtain an Import Permit. Later that day, Mulvaney came back and made a motion to withdraw his point of order – effectively giving DNR the money.
Also, like any tax, fee or fine increase, the General Assembly needs to vote up or down on this B.S. Here’s hoping enough of them get sufficiently pissed so that lawmakers are forced to remove it from the budget. Marine leisure experts often stress the importance of buying a good quality boat trailer alongside a boat purchase. Before investing in a boat trailer, a boat owner needs to consider three key factors when making their selection, namely boat length, boat weight, and boat waterline-width.
A boat trailer typically measures about two feet longer than the boat it will be carrying so bear this in mind when you’re viewing new and used trailers.
Trailer bunks provide larger areas of hull support, but rollers make boat loading and offloading easier, especially if the ramp has only a gentle slope.
Bunk trailers tend to be more affordable than roller-style boat trailers, because they have a more basic structure and fewer parts to maintain. A possible downside is that bunk-style trailers must be submerged deeper into the water than roller-style trailers. This means that brakes, hubs, springs, running gear, and other components of the bunk-style trailer are more vulnerable to damage, especially from salt water, than are their roller-style counterparts.
Bunk-style trailers also use Keel-type rollers to centre and support the boat on the trailer which can lead to the boat being unevenly supported. Some trailers are equipped with tail- lights and directional (indicator) lights, which are waterproof and corrosion resistant.
Trailer is 1997 Pacific galvanized trailer with 20,000# GVW rating, 3-7000 pound axles with 6-12x16.5 tires, 4030 pound capacity each, Reese weight distribution hitch, spare tires and wheel. I have towed this boat and trailer from San Felipe, Mexico to Olympia, WA and back using a 2006 Ford Diesel F350 DRW 4x4 truck with GVW rating of 26,000 pounds. Boats that wash up on shore or are abandoned in the park, as well as trailers abandoned in the parking lots are subject to removal or salvage. It is prohibited to solicit or conduct commercial business on or from park property unless previously authorized in writing by the County. Park Rangers and Palm Beach County Sheriff staff are frequently stationed in the park for the protection and safety of visitors. The park is an excellent location for anglers to test their saltwater skills in the beautiful waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Fish Cleaning is only permitted at the four authorized fish cleaning stations located on the fishing pier and along the bulkhead. Personal property lost or abandoned in the park will be turned in to the office for temporary storage. Once the facility reaches capacity, enforcement staff will temporarily close access to the park and direct prospective patrons to other locations. Domesticated animals are permitted in designated areas but must be restrained at all times at a distance not greater than six (6) feet from their handler. Feeding animals is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Department Director. The park offers a unique, year-round opportunity for swimming in the Intracoastal Waterway.
Phil Foster Park is open for public use from sunrise to sunset with the exception of the boat ramps that are open to the public 24-Hours a day. The Blue Heron Bridge area is internationally recognized by scientists, scuba divers, underwater photographers, and snorkelers for its abundance of unique marine life. The recreational harvesting of tropical fish from the Blue Heron Bridge area is strongly discouraged.

There are no local regulations against recreational harvesting of tropical fish; however, a proper saltwater fishing license is required, and regulations established by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) must be followed. Commercial activity, including the harvesting of tropical fish, is not permitted within County park property unless authorized by the Director or Assistant Director of the Parks and Recreation Department. The park has designated a section of beach on the southwest corner of the park for launching and retrieving non-motorized vessels. Boat ramps and the adjacent docks are available for launching and retrieving vessels 24-hours a day. Motorized vessels are only permitted to launch or land at the two boat ramps located on the east side of the park. The Town of Osoyoos boat trailer parking is open May 1 to October 15 and is located at 6901 Main Street. Campsite guests requiring more than 14 days may purchase a permit for an additional week at the Town office for cost of $15+tax.
Non-resident condominium owners can obtain permits for maximum of 14 days at the Town office for cost of $15+tax per week.
A 72 hour grace period is permitted for parking without a permit to allow for day use and weekend guests when Town office is not open to purchase permits. All trailers are required to be properly licensed, failure to do so will result in the trailer being towed at the owner’s expense.
Please note on the map below that "Beach Access" is only a public walkway to the Osoyoos Lake and is not a boat launch. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. The 2016 Annual Boat Trailer Permits are also available for sale at the West Jupiter Recreation Center. The maximum insurable value is the cost of the boat, plus the cost of the freight as well as an additional 10%. After all, the trailer will be central to your plans for boat transportation and possibly storage. Most trailer bunks are made of wood and covered in carpet, while others are made of plastic and allow boats to slide on and off the boat trailer easier. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on a boater’s particular needs. They support the weight of a boat at numerous points, and the roller design reduces friction. According to Section 4-413 of the Coral Gables Zoning Code, boats and boat trailers may be placed, kept or maintained or permitted to be placed, kept or maintained in any interior side or rear yard only. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. This boat is set up for independent extended cruising and fishing in the Sea of Cortez with a Yanmar 4 cyl 230 HP diesel, Model 4LHA-STE with 3300 hrs. The truck has full power accessories, a Boss Tow Package, carries 87 gallons of diesel and is additionally offered at $23,000. In the event of an emergency or other serious enforcement or safety related situation, please contact these individuals or call 911.
Fishing is permitted in several locations including a large pier and two smaller fishing platforms located on the west side of the park. It is the responsibility of the fisherman to clean up and properly dispose all fish remains.
Noise is considered a nuisance where it produces actual physical discomfort or annoyance to persons of ordinary sensibilities.
For safety reasons, vehicles will not be permitted to queue up at the park entrance to wait for the facility to reopen.
Handlers are required to clean up and properly dispose of any waste produced by their animals.
After hours, the only patrons permitted in the park are those launching or retrieving their vessel from the boat ramps.
Snorkelers and divers are encouraged to enjoy the park's exceptional and extraordinary resource and help preserve tropical fish and marine life for others to enjoy.
These regulations include the limits of various species that can be taken, as well as the means in which they can be harvested.

Due to the popularity of the park, boaters are asked to only utilize docks as long as it is necessary to complete their business. However, no person shall dock and remain on or in any vessel moored at the docks between sunset and sunrise. Non-motorized vessels may launch or land from the designated site located on the beach on the southwest corner of the park. For the safety of the public, as well as protection for the local manatee population, boaters are asked to observe the operating speeds established for the Boating Safety Zones located throughout the Lake Worth Lagoon. However from Brisbane to Hobart trucking is your only option as currently there are no ocean services available. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) effectively enacted a $1.4 million tax increase on South Carolina boat owners.
Unexpended revenue must be retained by the department and carried forward from the prior fiscal year into the current fiscal year and used for the same purpose. If the boat’s wet weight is greater than 3,500 pounds, the boater should strongly consider purchasing a tandem-axle boat trailer. Parking surfaces for the placement of boats and boat trailers may be improved or unimproved.
If you are interested in buying, selling or renting and are looking for a real estate agent who specializes in Coral Gables, please feel free to contact me at 305-343-6634 or send me a message here. Items not claimed in 30 days will be disposed of as trash or donated to an appropriate community service agency. The adjacent beach lies in the shadow of the Blue Heron Boulevard bridge and offers the perfect opportunity to cool off from the hot sun!
All others in the park after hours will be considered trespassing and subject to enforcement action. A snorkel trail made of limestone boulders and prefabricated reef modules spans a two-acre area in 6 to 10 feet of water. Due to the popularity of the facility, boaters are asked to only utilize the ramps as long as it is necessary to complete their business. The docks located on the east-side of the park adjacent to the boat ramps are designated as a temporary loading and unloading zone.
This type of trailer will distribute the weight of the boat more safely than single-axle boat trailers would.
This also means that roller-style trailers tend to require heavy duty winches to accept or retrieve boats.
When it is started it keeps running even if the batteries go dead as long as the fuel is clean, and she has four separate in-line fuel cleaning systems. Little Deeper Charters offers dive trips at variable depths departing from Phil Foster Park on most days. Swimming is prohibited outside the designated swimming area including from all docks, piers, bulkheads and boat ramps. Vehicles and trailers should be moved as quickly as possible from the loading area of the boat ramp.
For everyone's convenience, the maximum time you are permitted to use these docks is 10 minutes. If not, the equipment will be removed and safely stored until County policies allow for disposal. To assist with the launching and landing process, day docks are available for loading and unloading passengers and gear. When preparing for a launch, please use the temporary staging area provided in the parking lot.
The northeast dock has been designated for the exclusive use of the park's Recreational Water Sports Rental Concession and Water Taxi service.

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