Determine the approximate length and width of a boat trailer by viewing the rear of the trailer with the lights turned on. Illumination by the red rear and stop lights on the back of the trailer give other drivers an indication of the boat trailer's actions. Trailer lights are available with light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs or traditional light bulbs. Waterproof trailer lights are made with seals that keep water out; submersible lights are not waterproof and use a pocket of air to prevent water from entering the light when submerged.
Conscientious maintenance of boat trailer lights is essential in order to consistently meet requirements.
After a day of boating it's usually time to put the boat on the trailer and head home. NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® Value Prices are shown in US dollars only and initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges. Reflex reflectors may not be required if they are replaced, in their required location, with conspicuity treatmentOptional in Canada Rear lower body and side conspicuity treatment may also be solid white, solid yellow, or white and yellow. All of our boat trailers can be made to individual specifications or ordered "off the shelf", depending on your needs. Triple-Decker Sailing Boat TrailerTriple-Decker Sailing Boat Trailer for up to three sailing boats, made to measure.

Specifications: 1) It can transport one 40ft container and two 20ft container or put one 20ft.
This semi-trailer with sidewalls is available for the transportation of many kinds of cargo.
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While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, specifications and measurements are approximations and subject to variances. These lights indicate the approximate size of the boat trailer and warn other drivers that a boat is in tow. Other vehicles are less likely to collide with a properly lit trailer during night driving or in compromised visibility conditions.
Boat trailers that are longer than 80 inches require three red marker lights in the middle rear area of the trailer; if it does not have three red markers, the boat trailer is less than 80 inches or 7 feet.
Trailers with amber caution lights, however, are wider than 102 inches---amber lights are located at the extreme outer edges of the trailer's widest point.
Amber lights are used as side trailer markers and are placed to provide an unobstructed view for other drivers; they also illuminate the left and right turn signals on the rear of the trailer.
All electrical connections---including bulb sockets, trailer harness plugs and electrical contacts---must be coated with dielectric grease to ensure electrical conductivity and prevent corrosion.

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The patented Trail Guard® detachable trailer tongue is standard equipment on most Eagle packages.
G3 Boats does not guarantee such accuracy and can't be held liable for any errors or any reliance upon this information.
The trailer tag light, placed on the top or side of a license tag, is the only white light. Dealer installation fees for options, taxes, title, registration, documentation and license fees vary by situation and are in addition to prices shown. STATE AND LOCAL LAWS vary; some equipment or engines offered may not be available in some states or may require additional equipment at extra cost.

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