I don't know if this helps, but I was having a hard time getting the Klamath off the trailer. You could buy one all set up with the tongue and all, or you could go this route and buy the pivot piece and build your own which would be pretty easy as well. For that reason above, unless you really need 5 to 8 feet of extension, then the fold away tongues are the way to go, and can be found for a reasonable price. My plan is to back the trailer into the garage, get the boat up and off the trailer and set it on supports. Would the roof trusses be strong enough to support the weight of the boat+motor to get it just off the trailer? If you place doubled-up 2x6 boards on top of the trusses, they might do the trick; depending on what the trusses are.
Back into position, unhitch trailer, lower trailer tongue as much as possible (raising the stern), block stern using either boat stands of blocks at transom corners with 3X10 from corner to corner, wedge transom corners, crank trailer tongue back up.
With this method the boat is holding itself back on the rear blocks as the trailer goes forward.
You could easily modify the bottom chord of the truss by sandwiching it between two 2X12's at the point in the stern where you can lift by the lifting eyes (assuming you have them, and at the bow lifting eye. Alternatively, you could buy a couple of boat stands and simply jack off the trailer and set on 6X6 blocking.
I did it by putting two pieces of 4 inch steel heavy I-beam up at ceiling level and supporting them with 4 x 6s attached to the walls and running all the way to the floor. When you say your garage is too short to fit the boat on the trailer, do you mean length wise or height? Just to block it up, you want to put some large pieces of wood under the keel to support it, and then a couple of boat jacks to stabalize it. Thanks guys for the adjustments to the trailer, it handled like a dream all the way to Brisbane, and again a huge thanks for doing it so quickly. Rory brings an energetic and thorough approach to motor vehicle and trailer maintenance and repairs. Jaclyn is the co-founder of Bold Trailers, breaking the stereotypes of women in the automotive repair industry.  Jaclyn is also an accredited Child Restraint Fitter with RMS (RTA).

Some of our boats come with nice new trailers, some have junky old homemade trailers, and others have no trailer at all. These trailers feature a prop cage, adjustable bunks, an extra large carpeted bow stop, guide-ons, diamond-patterned step plates, torsion axles and tongue jacks.
As you may already know, wooden boats can't be loaded onto roller trailers, as the rollers will punch a hole in the bottom.
V-bunk trailers work best for cabin cruisers, and we generally have one on hand for any cabin cruiser that we have in inventory.
We have launched hundreds of boats in the past 30 years using whatever trailer happened to come with the boat. The function of the bow stop is to catch you when you float your boat onto the trailer under power.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I had to read your post a few times to really understand what your idea is, but now I think I get exactly what it is you wish to do. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. Run the winch line from the winch around the pulley & back to the bow eye, start cranking.
Rory ensures your trailer or caravan is maintained in peak condition so that you can travel with peace of mind while enjoying the outdoor lifestyle you deserve. Licensed Motor Mechanic, Licensed Auto Electrician, Automotive Body Builder, AUVIS Inspector. He is a licensed Auto Electrician, a licensed Motor Mechanic and an Automotive Bodybuilder. Because we handle so many boats and trailers, Mitch carries with him three sizes of hitches that are held into the receiver with a pin. If you plan to travel much with your boat, or launch it often, you will appreciate a well-designed trailer made with classic wooden boats in mind.
Unfortunately, some of these trailers were badly designed and led to hair-raising experiences.

Some trailers that are made for fiberglass boats have flimsy little bow stops that are easy to miss. Mitch really appreciates the guide-ons when she backs the trailers into the water to pick up Mitch.
It would have to be offset from the existing tongue so I can use the one already on the trailer to make it up my driveway. Christian combines his professional training along with his experience to provide you with the very best in trailer servicing, repairs and customisations. Our trailers minimize this effect as much as possible, and some have the swing tongue option, which allows about 18 inches of the tongue to fold out of the way in your garage. You won't be snagging your clothing or collecting bruises when you have a solid place to place your foot.
Cost wise, my idea comes in a lot less- $80 for the 8' piece, $25 ea for the receivers, a pair of locking receiver pins and whatever the coupler runs, then labor for welding. Those little bow stops work fine for modern fiberglass boats, since they only power the boat part way onto the trailer, then they winch it on by hand the rest of the way.
From the front seat of the pick-up truck, many trailers are not visible at all unless they have a boat on them. The slider has a hole on the tube for the extended position (sorry no picture of that) This extends fwd about 8'. So I'd get to the launch, block the trailer wheels undo the coupler and drive forward, slide the 2nd tongue into position hook up that tongue and launch. They also help Mitch to line the boat up on the trailer, as the back of the trailer is not visible when under water. All our custom trailers come with guide-ons, and will make you look like a pro at the boat ramp.

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