Many avid boaters try to keep up on the latest safety issues related to their favorite water sport, but what about boat trailer safety? Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise!
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The Mecanorem Hydraulic Boat Yard Trailers and MarinaTrailers are essential where safe and efficient handling of boats is a prioroty for all those who handle boats regularly.
Towing a large recreational boat usually requires special permits, licenses and tags, as some anglers discovered to their dismay and dents in their pocketbooks. An apparent increase in the enforcement of state and federal laws regarding towing trailers, specifically boat trailers, in the fall of 2007 was a shocking wake-up call to many fishermen, hunters and other boaters.
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Many principals of keeping your trailer safe may be overlooked, so here are some tips on how to keep your fishing rig safe when it’s on the road.

Tires need to be inspected before and after each trip, and inflated to proper level, which is usually around 50 PSI. It’s important to carry a spare, along with a working jack for your trailer at all times, just like you do for your car. Mecanorem has been offering its range of hydraulic boat trailers for almost 40 years, with the permanent focus on speed, comfort of use and security.
Boat is Registered till December 2015 and Trailer is good till 2017.No Reserve, Highest bidder takes all!Please be aware im not a boat enthusiast and Im not the original owner of this boat. Some maintenance and service would need to be preformed in order to have this item running. Note: The best clue that your bearings need some attention is when the hubs get unusually hot to the touch. It is important to inspect your axle frequently for rust or corrosion whether you have a standard leaf-spring mounted axle or a torsion axle.
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I Do have a Bill of Sale of that owner to Me (Yes, Its in they're Name) which i will make a new one from Me to You. If you wish to transfer title immediately, We both can go down to AAA and do so (provided you don't have AAA). The roadside service program will not only tow you up to 100 miles in the misfortunate event of a trailer or vehicle breakdown, it also offers assistance for flat tires, lock-out service, and ramp-winching.
So the Distributor is missing and will need to be replaced, could be anywhere from $65-$100 and possibly less. Could have spray painted it myself for less then $100 but didn't want to cause more work for the Buyer if outcome isn't desired.  Also would have rather taken boat off and fixed trailer up right.

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