In another thread about anchors I mentioned that My cousin and I were trying to get ready to do some fishing, and he has found a boat trailer that we need. A man wearing a helmet while defending our country should make more money than a man wearing a helmet defending a football. Originally Posted By: milespattonIt is kind of like a dealer buying for resale except that he is not a dealer. If the Bill of Sale won't do it for you at the Revenue Office you may have to get a Homemade Trailer title.
Originally Posted By: Rock ChuckIf you haven't paid for it yet, I wouldn't until the title is clear. Quote:just hope the guy that has it now didn't steal it from the original ownerMost folk that steal a trailer do not go into the house and steal the title.

Bring enough gun and know how to use it.Know that it is not the knowing, nor the talking, nor the reading man, but the doing man, that at last will be found the happiest man. I don't know about other states but here in Idaho you don't have to register a vehicle in your own county. Call the local state cop shop and have it declared as an abandoned trailer by the appropriate agency in your state. Originally Posted By: cra1948This is why, for years, I never fooled around registering my trailers. You'll have to do it their way in the end so you might as well find out what their way is and be done with it. The fact remains that they have the last say and you need to know what they require you to do.

If you have a blockhead behind the desk in your county, you can go any other county in the state and get it done.
None of us here can tell you.I've done a number of DIY projects that require building permits. I've found that it saves a lot of time and pain if I talk directly to the building inspector BEFORE I start and find out what he requires.

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