Inexpensive boat trips from the harbor around the bay: entertainment for holidaymakers at Whitby, East Yorkshire. We will have a nice picnic with good company under tamarisk trees on the beach all by ourselves or let's go to enjoy the sunset at Glaronissia with ouzo and mezedes!We will bring you also to KLEFTIKO or other destinations of your choice - just ask Kapetan Andreas! During the tour, stops are made so that passengers can take a swim in the crystal clear waters and climb the steps leading up to the Grotta Bianca, in which fascinating rock formations can be seen.
Gozzo boats are comfortable craft (up to 10 meters in length and 3 meters in width), equipped with cushioned sundeck, large awning, and a soft water shower for those wishing to rinse off after a swim. The busy and picturesque port of Marina Grande is framed by groups of colorful little houses. The Grotta Bianca is easily visible from the sea, but to best appreciate its beauty passengers will need to disembark and climb up the steps in the rocks which lead inside the cave via a small tunnel dug out of the stone. From the sea, the famous Casa Malaparte, residence of the eponymous writer, Curzio, can be seen in all its avant-garde splendor. The Monacone sea stack rises up behind the Faraglioni as if to cordon off the small bay where the much-loved Da Luigi bathing establishment and restaurant are located.
These imposing rocks are the best known symbol of Capri, and populated by blue lizards and seagulls. Capri's lighthouse is one of the tallest in Italy and marks the point where the South and West coasts of Capri meet. An enchanting bay, with rich natural vegetation, Cala del Rio is dominated by the Villa Rovelli and more than merits a stop, which should include time for a swim. Despite the activity being strictly forbidden, locals and holidaymakers have been known to swim in to the Grotta Azzurra in the early hours of the morning and late afternoon, when the boats have ceased to make their way in and out of the cave. Those choosing to make their way to the Grotta Azzurra over land, should make sure to visit the Nettuno bathing establishment. A guide to organizing your boat trip sailing around the island aboard one of Capri's traditional "Gozzo" fishing boats.
The nature itineraries, panoramic coastal footpaths and spectacular viewing points in all the most beautiful corners of the island.
Only for our guests: a swimming pool surrounded by soft green lawns, and sweet smelling mimosa, almond and citrus trees.

Since 1955, Motoscafisti di Capri have been sailing visitors from around the globe around the beautiful island of Capri, Italy. In business for over half a century, we are the company of choice for boat trips to the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni, and around the island of Capri. A trip around the Island of Capri, Italy with a stop at the Blue Grotto* is the ideal way to explore all the island's sea caves. We are the only company which offers the possibility of a group trip around the island with a stop at the most crystalline hidden coves along the coast of Capri for a swim in the sea. Discover the most beautiful side of the Island of Capri, marked by the colors of the sea and shore and the magnificent Faraglioni rock formations.
Our transfer and charter private services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: from Capri to all the destinations on the Bay of Naples and Gulf of Salerno, and vice-versa. Far from the bustling crowds, in complete comfort and safety, and with the assistance of an experienced sailor, visitors sail around the island, past Capri's secluded bays and legendary sea caves like the Grotta Azzurra and the Grotta Verde.
For lunch, a light meal of tasty tomato and mozzarella sandwiches and fresh fruit is served on board or, alternatively, passengers sail to one of Capri?s excellent coastal restaurants to enjoy some of the island?s superb fish cuisine. Dominating Punta Massullo, the outcrop on which the edifice was built, Casa Malaparte starkly contrasts with, and yet also seems part of, the beautiful natural environment which surrounds it. At their feet, the Fontelina bathing establishment, with its sea edge platforms and restaurant, should not be missed.
Although the boat is too large to pass through the cave, passengers can chose to swim from one side to the other. The light penetrating through an underwater fissure assumes an intense blue color, whilst the rest of the cave remains in the shadows. If the interior of the Grotta is quite large, the entrance is extremely narrow, making it necessary for passengers to lie down on the floor of the boats as they pass through.
Guests who book a private tour of the Island might like to take lunch at one of the two restaurants in the vicinity of the cave: the classy Riccio fish restaurant or the more modest, but equally popular, Da Giovanni a Gradola. Each morning at 9, skippers check the weather and sea conditions at the mouth of the cave and communicate if it is safe to enter to our ticket office. All boats are manned by an expert crew, allowing you to enjoy a day at sea, without the worry of having to sail yourself!

Upon request, we can arrange exclusive and personalized on board services, such as parties and receptions. Personal information is required in order that the company can respond to and manage requests. For times and information check the boards around the harbour or telephone the boat: 07836 798457.
After lunch, guests bathe in the sun or snooze beneath the awnings, lulled by the movement of the waves and the gentle sea breeze. On dry land, a pathway through the wood of holm oaks, past the Natural Arch and Casa Malaparte makes for a stunning walk. The view which extends from the Faraglioni across the whole of Marina Piccola and beyond is quite exceptional.
The spectacle is so impressive that great crowds of tourists gather in front of the cave and it is often necessary to wait for as much as an hour before entering the cave for a visit, which many consider far too brief.
You're safe with us: all our boats are equipped with the latest safety equipment and covered by complete passenger insurance. The ticket office is located on the pier and staff will be pleased to give you all the information you'll need to ensure your day on the sea surrounding Capri is one to remember. Opposite the bay, on the other side of the water, the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Galli can be seen. The visit to the Grotta Azzurra costs approximately 10 euro, and is made on small rowing boats sailed by expert seamen. The Fontelina is famous throughout the world and to lunch here is a quite unforgettable experience!

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