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With even more spectacular results than BoatSheen Best Brazilian, our new Premium Sport Boat wax has been painstakingly designed as a superb boat wax at the very top end of the market.
Our blenders have based it on a wax that has taken the sports car market by storm, with numerous winners in last summer's Ferrari Owners Concours and at the Porsche Club GB. Premium Sport Boat wax has over 50% concentration of pure white Brazilian Carnauba Wax - higher than any comparable product. Once waxed, your boat can be kept in pristine condition by regular washing with Carnauba wash concentrate. Boats represent unique challenges and a boat cleaner wax will bridge the gap between a quality boat wax and a hard core polish. Before you spend hours searching the internet for a top rated boat wax, it will be necessary for you to understand the nature of the beast.And in the case of boats, the beast is gelcoat!While many people refer boat care as fiberglass, the reality is that fiberglass is actually the fiberglass cloth used to construct boats with, but gelcoat is the actual top layer to a boat and the layer we will be addressing when it comes to boat waxing, polishing, or in this case, finding a top rated boat cleaner wax. There are essentially (3) steps or levels to boat care when it comes to waxing, cleaning (cleaning is not washing), and polishing. Virtually every industry responds to consumer demands by formulating multi-purpose, all-in-one, or one-step products that are designed to accomplish multiple tasks or duties; the marine industry is no exception and therefore we have what are known as cleaner waxes.
The ability to clean, or remove, mild to moderate levels of oxidation while adding a layer of protection. Darren's Professional Tips: When it comes to shopping for a dedicated one-step cleaner wax for your boat, this is an area that doesn't have to be over thought.
For high class charters and boats that must be maintanied in perfect condition at all times, there's no need for weekly waxing.
Once your boat has been waxed, the shine can be maintanied by regular washing using a matched wash and wax product.
Avoid the use of strong chemicals, boat cleaners or car cleaning products that may strip off the wax or glaze.
Regular boat wash shampoo concentrate with carnauba wax to top up the wax protection and shine as you wash. Ready to use biodegradable cleaner for yacht and dinghy sails, simply spray on, leave for a few minutes and wipe clean or hose down.

All our boat cleaning products are biodegradable, which means that they are capable of being broken down by biological action. Cleaning products should always be used with care and should not be discharged directly into ecologically sensitive areas, where they could cause damage before they are broken down.
We stock a large range of premium quality cleaning accessories, polishing sundries for your boat or car. Apart from the stunning finish, the reason for our enthusiasm is its unbeatable durability.
Packed with essential oils, carriers and other good stuff into a soft paste form it is really easy to apply. A little goes a very long way with a single 230ml jar covering up to 1800 sq ft (170sq metre) - up to three coats on a 30 ft boat. This is a regular boat wash shampoo concentrate with carnauba wax to top up the wax protection and shine as you wash. Most people at best will separate the subject down to (2) categories: waxing and polishing.
Trying to use a wax or sealant on a boat with any form of oxidation will be a frustrating exercise. Any of the above products will produce great results as far as boat cleaner waxes go, and so long as the oxidation is at a minimum. Because gelcoat is such a tough and durable material, the good news is that this makes for an ideal way for beginners to learn and use high-speed polishers.
We recommend a weekly shampoo with Carnauba Wash & Wax, supported by the application of Best Brazilian boat wax once every month or so.
Boatsheen Sail Cleaner will remove grease, atmospheric pollution, mould and general grime from all types of sail cloth. This specially formulated cleaner leaves a clear smear-free finish on Perspex windows and hatch covers without damage. This heavy duty product can even be used to degrease engine parts when solvents are inappropriate.
It dries as hard as concrete to protect and shine your boat, filling in swirls and light scratches and deepening the colour with its oils.

We recommend two coats at the start of the season with further coats applied as required to build up an even deeper and richer shine.
The industry has responded with boats just as they have done with cars for a very long time, and make one-step cleaner waxes designed for use on boats to remove mild to moderate levels of oxidation. If you even begin to question as to whether your boat has any oxidation, the answer is probably yes and you should skip to the next sections regarding boat cleaner waxes or boat polishing. If this is your first time waxing your boat and you are looking for a simplified approach, then a quality boat cleaner wax might just be the way to go so long as you don't have your expectations set too high.
Kills off 99.9% of all microbial bacteria, soaking into fabric and hard surfaces on a nano level, preventing regrowth. You can use it diluted by hand (two capfuls in a bucket of water) or via a pressure washer. With one-step boat cleaner wax you can remove the oxidation, restore some shine, while laying down a layer of protection."Most people do not understand the differences between polishing, cleaning, and waxing a boat and therefore get marginal results and set themselves up for disappointment. You can go to fiberglass boat restoration and see the complete boat polishing kits available that promise to produce professional grade results."Darren I am torn! Destroys: Black Spot mould (Aspergillus Niger), Listeria, e-Coli, Legionella, Salmonella, MRSA and more.
It is easy to get overly zealous and start attacking the boat in attempt to get the job done! Carelessly slopping the product around will only create additional work and disappointment later! You realize weeks down the road you have excessive wax that has now dried to a chalky haze in all the seams and crevices around your boat that you must now try to figure out how to remove.

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