Perched over the waters on century old concrete piers, this boathouse underwent a complete renovation both inside and out.
I love this place, but am concerned that many of your houses, including this one, never show the bathroom(s). In 2011 we were appointed to design a new home for an existing client in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.
Our brief was to design a modern family home and key features were, open plan living, feature staircase, modern external materials to include stone and render and a basement.
A square building used the site most efficiently but we started looking at ways to create this in 2 distinct halves, we finalised the design in early 2012 and submitted our planning application which was warmly received and approved without fault or hurdle. We utilised traditional construction methods but created a highly insulated homes with very low u values, high performing windows and doors add to the air tightness and by adopting the latest heating and ventilation requirements, the home provides a well controlled living environment.
The building incorporated lots of cantilevered steel to form unsupported glass corners with complex engineering involvement, however, the property has just been awarded the NHBC prize for Seal of Excellence in build quality as the overall best home in the North of England and has been entered into the National category to be judged in London on 16 January 2015. The rear elevation I felt that I could have a more flexible approach to as we were not bound by a street scene. This was the key position for this gravity defying element, it attracts the mid day to late evening sun and was planned to be a key interior feature from the beginning. In terms of room planning, my client wanted open plan and this is certainly what we delivered, from the large open hall, the layout is open into the kitchen, dining and living spaces as well as the snug.
The bedrooms are to the corners of the building, 4 huge bedrooms all have dressing space and ensuite facilities, we have planned ensuites with no doors again to increase openness but with good design privacy is still present. The final element is the basement which is to provide entertainment space and cinema as well as laundry and gym.

By locating noisy rooms in the basement the harmony of our open plan design is not compromised. Located where Georgian Bay meets Lake Huron, this floating house by Michael Meredith of Toronto-based MOS combines country-cottage flair and a wonderful watery appeal for the swimmers, boaters and fishermen out there. The notoriously polluted Chicago River just received a major facelift thanks to Studio Gang Architects’ recently completed WMS Boathouse at Clark Park. Developed as part of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel‘s initiative to revitalize the riverfront, the WMS Boathouse at Clark Park is one of four proposed boathouses and the first of the two new boathouses designed and constructed by Studio Gang Architects. A catalyst for the cleanup and recovery of the Chicago River, the WMS boathouse also boasts passive solar strategies such as the design of a south-facing clerestory glazing that minimizes energy use. A winding stone path down a lush hill leads you to the main door – crossing a short bridge over a drainage moat as you enter. I doubt the shingle siding is original, but it is a great solution for dealing with log walls.
The site was home to a detached 1960's tudor boarded dwelling on an attractive lane of varying house types. Although modern was my brief, I wanted to create a new version of a Victorian villa with symmetrical bay windows and grand features. The central projecting section forms the large housing to the glass panels with full height glazing again to the right hand side to tie in with the front theme however, the left rear corner became a glass to glass corner with cantilevered design. This was essential to ensure that at any point of the day, all internal areas are served with natural light and this delivers a true well being experience when you enter the building.
In order to give clarity and definition to the spaces we have made internal steps which give delineation to rooms, strategically placed chimneys and log stoves create breaks in an otherwise cavernous space and although this doesn't cut rooms off it does give definition which works well.

This floating house sits on the water among windswept trees and the characteristic, rocky Canadian Shield terrain a€“ not an easy spot to built, but definitely worth the effort.
Located in northwest Chicago, the state-of-the-art rowing facility is one of the latest developments expected to transform the riverfront into the city's "next recreational frontier." Topped by a distinctive sawtooth roof and exposed trusses, the boathouse derives its architectural form from the rhythmic motion of sweep rowing. The 22,620 square foot, two story-tall facility is currently home to the Chicago Rowing Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides the community with year-round sweep rowing resources and other recreational activities. The Clark Park facility houses a training center, boat storage facility, a floating launch dock, as well as office and communal spaces. The owners were fond of two historic east coast architectural styles, and the exterior and interiors were a melding of both.
Projects are assured the highest aesthetic and design standards balanced with the functional requirements and economic considerations of each particular project. This picturesque spot, a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland, provides the perfect backdrop for this island house, which has been described as a a€?necklacea€? of buildings strung around the island a€“ a main cottage with an integrated boathouse and dock, and a series of separate cottages to accommodate the many overnight guests that clamber to spend summers here.
The exterior is based on Shingle Style, with diamond and scallop shaped shingles lacing the mid walls, and a sweeping radius completing the lower walls. Once this design was reached I knew that the full height glass would be a feature that I wanted to replicate and as such if forms the architectural language of the property.
The timber cottage blends with its surroundings, which appear untouched, providing the perfect getaway.

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