For trailers visit our READ BEFORE RETRACTING BIDIf you wish to retract your bid, click to send us an email stating your reason and we will cancel your bid within eBay’s rules. Due to past abuses of this procedure, anyone who retracts their own bid will be permanently blocked from bidding with us.WE MAY REQUEST YOUR CONTACT INFORMATIONAs part of our ongoing efforts to ensure bids are made only by serious, bona fide bidders, we frequently request eBay contact information on bidders and may e-mail or telephone bidders making large bids. We reserve the right to cancel bids from any parties with bad e-mail addresses or phone numbers or where we cannot otherwise verify the bid. The forward docking lights are missing, and it appears a transom mounted transducer is missing. Appears in good condition, not testedRubrail in good condition, the rub rail is noted to be heavily calked underneath at stem, between the hull-to-deck joint.
This appears to be due to a gap created during constructionStorage: The carpets located in the storage areas are stained-mildew sighted. Water contamination noted in carburetor, oil fills, oil dip stick, outdrive gear oil reservoir, and appears to be in the power steering reservoir, probably water accumulation from the recent heavy rains in area. Transmission: The Mercury Alpha One outdrive was removed post incident but is stored on boat, parts were not inventoried, unknown if all parts present. A buyer who has inspected an item prior to final bid shall be deemed to have accepted the condition of the item at the time of the inspection but may reserve inspection following close of the auction only as to any changes in the item between the time of the initial inspection and a subsequent inspection made within the time for voiding the sale as set forth herein. The time period for voiding the sale and giving notice to USauctions of such ends the earlier of the time buyer ships or otherwise takes possession of the item, 24 hours following actual inspection of the item or 10 days following close of the auction. In the event there is a material difference between the item and the item description and buyer desires to void the sale, buyer shall so notify USauctions by email or by fax to (800) 385-8566 prior to the end of the time period set forth.

A buyer who voids a sale when the item substantially complies with the published description shall be banned from future bidding with USauctions in addition to any other remedies provided for hereunder. In the event buyer properly voids the sale in a timely manner as required hereunder, buyer's sole remedy shall be to receive a refund of the portion of the purchase price paid. BUYER SHALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO ANY PRICE ADJUSTMENT SHOULD BUYER ELECT NOT TO VOID THE SALE AS PROVIDED FOR HEREIN. Neither USauctions nor the owner of the item shall be liable for any of buyer's costs incidental to the sale including, but not exclusively, travel, inspection, shipping or repairs. Any actions undertaken by USauctions or any item owner to assist buyer with shipping this item shall not be construed as placing an obligation upon USauctions or an item owner to ship the item, pay for shipping or be responsible for the shipment in any manner whatsoever.Payment of bid, defaultBuyer shall be obligated to pay the lesser of 25% of the bid amount or $25,000not later than the close of business on the third business day following theclose of bidding. Payment instructions will be sent via buyer’s listed e-mailfollowing the close of the auction. Payment may be made by bank wire, by sending a cashier's check by mail, or by direct deposit of a cashier's check into the USauctions trust account. NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.Payment in full by collected funds isdue no later than 10 days following the close of bidding. Buyer shall beresponsible for payment of all applicable sales taxes, registration fees andtransfer fees.
In the event buyer fails to make all or any portion of theinitial deposit or final payment as required hereunder, Buyer shall be indefault and Buyer’s right to purchase shall terminate.
In the event buyerdefaults, Buyer shall be obligated to pay a fee to USauctions equal to 10%of the bid amount and Buyer shall further be obligated to pay the owner of theitem any shortfall between the bid price and the amount received from an armslength resale of the item whether sold at a private or public sale.

Buyeragrees to pay reasonable attorney fees incurred in any action to collect anysums due from Buyer. The venue for any action pertaining to the sale of thisitem shall be Broward County, Florida and shall be governed by the law of theState of Florida Removal of items, storage charges, risk of lossItems must be removed not later than 10 days following the close of bidding unless other arrangements are made. It shall be buyer's responsibility to make arrangements for moving the item or, in the alternative, for making arrangements to store the item beyond the 10 day grace period. Buyer shall give USauctions notice of intent to pick up an item in sufficient time to ensure the storage charges are paid. When picking up vessels, Buyer shall make necessary arrangements with the boat yard where the vessel is located with not less than 24 hours notice before picking up a vessel to ensure the vessel is cleared for transport, any storage liens are paid, any necessary equipment is available and the vessel is not blocked in.
Buyer assumes risk of loss of the item as of the earlier of the time buyer's right to void the sale terminates or the time buyer acquires insurance on the vessel. In the event the item owner fails to deliver free and clear title to buyer in a timely manner, Buyer shall have the option of voiding the sale or of seeking specific performance directly against the item owner. USauctions shall have no liability to buyer or the item owner for failure to deliver free and clear title to buyer beyond refund of funds collected by USauctions to the parties entitled thereto, upon return of the item in substantially the condition sold.

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