TRAIN: From New York and points South of here,  Metro North goes into New Haven from Grand Central Station.
The  SeaStreak will ferry passengers by high speed catamaran every Saturday and Sunday from points in New Jersey and New York City (this is a new service) perfect for a day or weekend trip to the casinos or sights in Mystic Country without the traffic. CAR RENTAL ONCE YOU ARE HERE: If you decide you want to drive once you get here you can rent a car in New London or Mystic. You can then can take a Shoreline East train  which will bring you right into New London or any of the little towns along the coast. Once your visit is done, you can also catch a bus to TF Green or Logan Airport, or head to Newport, Cape Cod for an extension of your trip. The shuttle bus to the Mohegan Sun from the ferry is free, otherwise you can easily grab a cab to anywhere else you want to go. All ferries arrive and depart from New London here in Connecticut.  Cross Sound Ferry Services can whisk you away to and from Orient Point, Long Island, NY, without the hassle of that I-95 traffic.

Building a center console boat organizer
Building a boat top