Since the construction of Flink’s first craft, Stingray has become a major boat manufacturer with many different models. With a motto of “innovative quality,” Stingray seeks to stand out by making a well-built boat. The boat hull was built to the owners specification by Creative Marine using their Mayfly 16 electric boat design as a basis.
Hardwood is used to construct accommodation for 6 adults & provide extensive storage space. As members of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, they agree to build boats that meet industry standards for safety. She was built in March 2012 as a stock boat to test the Torqeedo Cruise 2R electric motor.

The quality of workmanship is exemplary, is much admired & acclaimed to be the best available. From its modest beginnings with a handful of craftsmen and a couple molds, Stingray has grown to offer a versatile line of boats. Without adding additional materials, the engineers at Stingray tweaked traditional hull design. From waterskiing to spending a weekend away, fishing to cruising locally, Stingray makes a boat suited for your personal needs. The company does not view people as buyers and sellers as you might understand a stock exchange or market.
Rather, by becoming a Stingray owner you enter into the family, which consists of owners, dealers and the manufacturer.

By eliminating these bubbles, the propeller is able to more efficiently move the craft forward. Stingray’s patented Z-Plane Hull is only one example of many which attest to their commitment to innovation and quality.

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